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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Remler Rinat 2001 Boaz Golany, Arnon Ratzkovsky, Abstracts Market Valuation of Projected Accounting Information: The Case of Rate of Assumed Increase in Compensation Levels
Cohen Ezra 2000 Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased) Abstracts The Strategy and Globalization of Israeli's Medical Technology Companies
Silverman Amihai 1999 Haim Reisman Abstracts The Application of Implied Binomial Tree to Risk Manangement
Granot Rivka 1999 Abstracts Determinants of Saving with Reference to Israel
Lavie Dovev 1998 Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased) Abstracts Foreign Entry to Israel: Marketing Perspectives of Strategic Reference Points Theory
Elran-Francis Sigal 1997 David Sinreich (Deceased) Abstracts The Influence of Project Control Methods in Buildings and Substructure Projects on Performance
Ben-David Gal 2002 David Sinreich (Deceased) Abstracts Simulation of Assemble-to-Order Manufacturing
Refaely Ehood 1999 Abstracts Entrepreneuring and Feasibility Analysis of Projects in Ethiopia
Groman – Sharf Michal 1997 Shlomo Maital Abstracts An Analysis of Deregulation in the Israeli Petroleum Market- A Game Theoretic Model of Entry Deterrence and Predation
Dinur Yanic 2000 Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased) Abstracts Strategic Competitive Intelligence in Israeli Firms
Ben-Arye Asaf 1998 Shlomo Maital Abstracts Optimizing Innovation in Product Redesign: a Mathematical Programming Model for Integrating R and D Marketing