PhD Theses – Quality Assurance and Reliability

Department Quality Assurance and Reliability
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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Attias Judith 2010 Amos Notea, Avi Caspi, Abstracts Application of Engineering Methods in Standardization and "Group Technology" for Chest-Pain Patients in Emergency Room
Dallal Iris 2009 Gadi Rabinowitz, Amos Notea, Abstracts "Fan-Out" Model for "System of Systems" Development
Leibovitz-Zur Shalhevet 2009 Eitan Naveh, Joseph Prashker (Deceased), Abstracts The Effect of Traffic Safety Climate and Service Climate on the Involvement of Company Car Drivers in Traffic Accident and Customer Satisfaction
Riechstien Riki 2009 Amos Notea Abstracts Management Model for Products Quality through Severity and Interaction of Defects
Manor Erez 2009 Amos Notea Abstracts Engineering Fuzziness in Quality and Reliability
More Karin 2009 Dov Ingman Abstracts Quality and Reliability Characterization of Multi-Parametric Physical Measurements Data Fusion
Rothschild Talia 2008 Gedaliahu Shelef (Deceased), Shlomo Kimchie, Abstracts Anaerobic Digestion of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Petrochemical Industry Effluents
Aizenchtadt Elena 2008 Dov Ingman, Eran Friedler, Abstracts Reliability Approaches to Bio-Environmental Systems on the Base of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Mirer Tatiana 2008 Dov Ingman Abstracts Physical Reliability Model Based on the System Transparence to the Energy Flux
Teper Lina 2008 Phineas Dickstein, Dov Ingman, Abstracts Optimal Calibration of Measurement Systems and Precision Enhancement in Input Restoration Using Apriori Information
Cohen Shira 2008 Amos Notea Abstracts Distortion Evaluation in Quantitative Radiography
Gilboa Yael 2004 Menachem Weiss, Ayala Cohen (Deceased), Abstracts Algorithms for Multicriteria Priorities of Concepts in Engineering Design
Spiegel Solon 2004 Asher Madjar Abstracts Novel Microwave Elements Design Based on Micromachining Techniques
Schwierz-Yosefzon Tatyana 2002 Amos Notea, Moshe Deutsch, Abstracts Tomography of a Product from a Projection: Influence of Deviations of Ideal Symmetry
Hari Amihud 2001 Menachem Weiss, A. Zonnenshain, Abstracts Integrated Customer Driven Conceptual Design Methodology
Khazen Michael 2001 A. Dubi Abstracts A General Transport Equation and its Solution by the Monte Carlo Approach with Phase Space Splitting in Systems Engineering and Reliability
Zeyfman Micael 2000 Dov Ingman Abstracts Physical Aspects of Probabilistic Lifetime Assessment
Lipnik Boris 2000 Dov Ingman Abstracts Development of Process Reliability Principles
Klein Renata 2000 Dov Ingman, Simon Braun (Deceased), Abstracts Adaptive Processing of Non-Stationary Signals
Shoef Joseph 1999 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Evaluation of Type and Dimensions of Discontinuities through Three Dimensional Ultrasonic Imaging
Altar Ariel 1999 Amos Notea Abstracts Geometrically Magnified 3D Tomography
Elad Dani 1997 Asher Madjar, Amos Notea, Abstracts Signal Space and Its Application to Oscillators Design
Frumkin Ygor 1995 Amos Notea Abstracts Advanced Digital X-Ray Imaging Detector for Radiography and Other Applications
Naveh Eitan 1995 A. Zonnenshain, Miriam Erez, Abstracts A Development and Implementation of a Model of Total Quality in the Individual, Team and Organizational Level
Singher Liviu 1994 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased), Joseph Shamir (Deceased), Abstracts Optoacoustic Methods for Bond Strength Measurement
Danovich Zvi(Grigory) 1993 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Restoration of Lamingraphic Images by Algorithms Operating
Merlis Yoram 1992 Dov Ingman Abstracts Neural Networks for Simulation of Physical Models
Cohen Benjamin 1991 Yitzhak Segal (Deceased) Abstracts Improving Analog Ct Image Quality