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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Bratman Nir 2021 David Greenblatt Abstracts Nozzle Aerothermodynamic Design for a Plasma Heated Supersonic Wind Tunnel
Mailhot Nadav 2021 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Constellation Design for Regional Space-Borne Geolocation
Drellich Nathaniel 2021 Daniel Zelazo Abstracts Low-Cost Aerial Platform for Guidance, Navigation and Control System Design
Eisenthal Yaacov Ari 2021 Moshe Idan, Gil Iosilevskii, Abstracts Automatic Landing Performance of a Civil Aircraft in the Presence of Vertical Gusts
Amit-Shapira Yonatan 2021 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Fuel-Efficient Cross-Track Distance Establishment in Satellite Formations
Eizenberg Idan Baruch 2021 Ian Jacobi, Dan Liberzon, Abstracts The Inertial Dynamics of Finite Volume Underwater Bubble Release
Rosenheim Mor 2021 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Neighboring Extremal Path Applications for Rocket Trajectory Shaping
Friedler Mor 2021 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Finding the Worst-Case Behavior of an Accelerating Rocket due to Side-Wind Disturbances
Ioffe Olga 2021 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Integrating of Aeroelastic Effects in Six Degee-of- Freedom Flight Simulations
Ben Horin Ohad 2021 Dan Michaels, Savely Khosid, Abstracts Detailed design optimization of a solid rocket motor
Farajun Itay 2021 David Durban, Baruch Karp, Abstracts Quantitative Correlation between Strains Measurement and Damage Severity in a Structure with Local Opening
Shitrit Dor 2021 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Thrust Vectoring and Aft Burner System for Increasing Survivability of Micro Jet UAVs
Nevo Guy 2021 Tal Shima, Oded Golan, Abstracts Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Testbed of Low Cost Research Missile
Linshitz Karin 2021 Joseph Lefkowitz Abstracts Combustion Flow Charactezization by Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy of Water Molecules
Karsenty Kadmiel 2021 Eran Sher, Leonid Tartakovsky, Abstracts A Diesel Engine with a Catalytic Piston Surface for Small Aircrafts Propulsion at High Altitudes – Theoretical Study
Marcovici David 2021 Moshe Idan Abstracts Estimation and Control for Cooperative Slung Load Transportation by a Team of Multirotors
Mendelovich Matan 2021 Oksana Stalnov Abstracts Measurement and Assessment of Aerodynamically Generated Noise inside an Airborne Structure
Asraf Omri 2021 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Experienco-Based Prediction of Unknown Environments for Enhanced Belief Space Planning
Kam Ori 2021 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts On the Operation of a Microjet Engine's Vaporizer under Steady-State Conditions
Van Der Lee Joel 2021 Dan Michaels, Joseph Lefkowitz, Abstracts Impact of the Injection Temperature of Liquid Fuel on the Blowout Limit in a Cavity-Based Scramjet Combustor
Cohen Ortal 2021 Dan Michaels, Yinon Yavor, Abstracts Agglomeration in Composite Propellants Containing Different Nano-Aluminum Powders
Sharon Ariel 2021 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Investigation of Methanol Combustion in an Opposed Jet Combustor
Laso Miqueo Iker 2021 Joseph Lefkowitz Abstracts Optimization of Energy Distribution in Nanosecond-Pulsed High-Frequency Discharge Ignition
Brod Haim Elya 2020 Dan Michaels Abstracts Experimental Study of Flame Holding in a Scarmjet Combustor using Different Fuel Compositions
Elanjickal Silky 2020 Alon Gany Abstracts Investigation of the Influence of Graphite Additives on the Fuel Regression Rate in Hybrid Propulsion
Zibitsker Aleksander Lav 2020 Dan Michaels Abstracts Development of an Ultrasonic Method for Monitoring the Ablation Process of Silica-Phenolic Thermal Protection Material
Feldman Matan 2020 Dan Michaels, Eran Sher, Abstracts Rate Limiting Constraints in Phase-Change-Materials (PCM) for Miniature Aircraft Propulsion Systems
Fogel Omer David 2020 Aviv Rosen Abstracts Wind Tunnel Tests to Investigate the Behavior of a Dual Lift System
Palti Yoav 2020 Daniel Zelazo Abstracts Deployment Strategies for Coverage Control Problems
Palman Michael 2020 Beni Cukurel Abstracts Development of Adaptive Cycle Micro-Turbofan Engine for UAS Applications
Dahan Alon 2020 Gil Iosilevskii Abstracts Hydrodynamic Stability in Sharks
Arzi Shay 2020 Gil Yudilevitch Abstracts Using Optimization Process to Determine Aircraft Configuration in the Conceptual Design Phase
Sewlia Mayank 2020 Daniel Zelazo Abstracts Distributed Event-Triggered Control for Multi-Agent Systems with Second-Order Dynamics
Dror Cossenas Michael 2020 Gil Iosilevskii Abstracts Investigation of Electric Propelled Aircraft Performance
Zadka Benjamin 2020 Tal Shima, Twinkle Tripathy, Abstracts Cyclic Pursuit for Simultaneous Target Interception
Sapozhnikov Igor 2020 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Screening of Ablative Materials for Solid Rocket Motors
Mendelson Dana 2020 David Durban Abstracts Influence of Confining Pressure on Ballistic Shielding Effectiveness of Porous Solids
Hoffman Israel 2020 Gil Yudilevitch Abstracts Study the Durability of Aeronautical Structures under Extreme Accelerations
Kfir Rafy 2020 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Finding Shortest 3d Paths with Curvature Constraint in Close Range Scenarios
Arcos Yoel 2020 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Optimized Design of a Thermal Vacuum Testbed for Nanosatellite Verification Tests
Fischman Oren 2019 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Bounded Circumlunar Spacecraft Formations
Kariv Daniel Haim 2019 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Dynamic Response of an Elastic Aircraft to Store Ejection
Mizrahi Izhak 2019 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Wing Elasticity Effects on Store Separation
Khmelniker Polina 2019 Yoseph Ben-Asher, Elon Rimon, Abstracts Investigation of Mobile Robot Time Optimal Trajectories Under State Dependent Constraints
Kadosh Kobi 2019 Beni Cukurel Abstracts Micro-Turbojet to Adaptive Turbofan Conversion through a Variable Thermodynamic Cycle
Seri Yaniv 2021 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Assessment of Load Bearing Capabilities of CFRP Filament Wound Structures
Hamo Omri 2019 Igal Kronhaus Abstracts Numerical Investigation of the Narrow Channel Hall Thruster Physical Processes using the Particle-in-cell Method
Veiberman Rami 2021 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Simulation of the Dynamic Response of Aero-Servo-Elastic Wind-Tunnel Model to Non-Uniform Gust
Levy Tomer Itzhak 2021 Moshe Idan Abstracts Transportation of a Slung Load using Multiple Multirotors while Maintaining a Constant Altitude above the Terrain
Soussan Maor 2019 David Durban, Rami Masri, Abstracts Soft Biological Tissues Cavitation and Penetration Mechanics
Hadad Aron 2021 Tal Shima Abstracts Moving Target Interception with a Quadrotor using Classical Guidance
Miezner Meiran 2019 Ian Jacobi Abstracts Parametric Study of Double Emulsion Droplet Generation in a Microfluidic Device
Stanly Ronith 2021 Steven Howard Frankel Abstracts Large Eddy Simulation of Rotors: Filtered Actuator Line Modelling of Wind Turbines and Aeroacoustics of Propeller
Tihomirov Dimitry 2019 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Non-Linear Aerodynamic Effects on Static Aeroelasticity of Flexible Missiles
Simbuerger Michael 2021 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Aeroelastic Deformation Control based on Fiber Optic Sensors
Begun Benyamin 2020 Shaul Gutman Abstracts Performance Study of Low-Cost Rocket Controlled by Solenoid
Vadlamani Vinayak 2019 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Effect of Poynting-Robertson Drag and Solar Wind Drag on Smart Dust in Space
Moshkovich Makarenko Irena 2020 Beni Cukurel, Eran Sher, Abstracts Study of the Physical Feasibility and Stability of the Chapman-Jouget Points in a Homogeneous Combustible Mixture
Mittelman Amir 2019 Jacob Cohen, Eran Arad, Abstracts Aft-Sting Mount Effects on Missile Longitudinal Stability and Base Flow Characteristics
Raman Ramya 2020 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Aeroelastic System Data Analysis using the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Kadosh Hertzel 2019 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Internal Ballistics of Boron Containing Solid Fuel Ramjet
Balasubramanian Nikhil 2020 Dan Michaels Abstracts Mitigation of Combustion Instabilities in a Swirl Stabilized Flame by Localized Diluent Gas Injection
Nahom Jidovetski Tzlil 2019 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Wind-Tunnel Study of the ARMA Flutter Prediction Method
Goldenberg Douglas 2019 Daniel Zelazo Abstracts Cooperative Object Manipulation A Rigidity Approach
Marcovici Dafna 2019 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts The Influence of Injector's Configuration on the Fuel Spray Quality During Start Up in Jet Engines
Castaneda David 2018 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Hypergolic Ignition of a Hybrid Rocket Motor
Rashkovsky Alexander 2019 Gil Iosilevskii Abstracts Hydrodynamic Lift Generation by Anguilliform Swimmers
Or Barak 2018 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Integrated Guidance / Estimation in Linear Quadratic Differential Games
Maor Yonatan 2019 Oksana Stalnov Abstracts Noise Abatement Techniques for Small UAV Propellers
Bresler Jacob 2019 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Investigation of ABS-Paraffin based 3-D Printed Hybrid Rocket Fuels
Mazor Lilach 2018 Ian Jacobi Abstracts An Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Generalized Equilibrium Flow in a Shear-Driven Open Microchannel
Ben-Elisha Yair 2018 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Cooperative Multi-Robot Belief Space Planning for Visual-Inertial Navigation and Online Sensor Calibration
Tuito Nati Naftali 2018 Moshe Idan Abstracts Maximum Conditional Probability Stochastic Controller for Linear Systems with Additive Cauchy Noises
Vladimirsky Dmitry 2018 Stephan Rudykh Abstracts Analysis and Design of Microstructures in 3D-Printed Soft Composites and its Implementation in Morphing Wing Structures
Cohen Jackob 2018 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Comparison of Laboratory Testing Techniques for Airborne Store's Dynamic Response to In-Flight Environmental Conditions
Diskin David 2018 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Theoretical Investigation of a Boron Loaded Gel Fuel Ramjet Combustor
Tan Zheng Wen 2018 Tal Shima, Robert Fonod, Abstracts Optimal Target Defensive Strategies Against Multiple Pursuers
Shaik Subhani 2018 Ian Jacobi Abstracts Customized Droplet Density in Double Emulsions
Koretsky Evgeney 2018 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Cluster-keeping with Differential Solar Radiation Pressure and Differential Drag for Highly Elliptical Orbits
Geva Amit 2018 Haim Abramovich, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts Investigation of a Morphing Wing Capable of Airfoil and Span Adjustment using a Retractable Folding Mechanism – New Engineering Approach
Yaakoby Eliyahu Matan 2018 Beni Cukurel Abstracts Multi Spectral IR Radiometry of a Premixed CO2-Air Jet Towards Gas Temperature Reconstruction
Argaman Matan 2018 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Multi-Output Autoregressive Aeroelastic System Identification and Flutter Prediction
Shilav Ramin 2018 Alon Gany, Amiram Leitner, Abstracts Apparatus and Experiments for Thermal Conductivity Study for Ablative Materials
Rudin Irina 2018 Jacob Cohen, Eran Arad, Abstracts Performance Improvement of Boundary Layer Ingesting Inlets using Active Flow Control Techniques: Computational Analysis
Khodos Gregory 2018 Itzchak Frankel, Gil Iosilevskii, Abstracts The Flow Generated by an Oscillating Plate
Penias Shahar 2018 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Monitoring Natural Frequencies of Composite Beams as a Means to Detect Defects
Tsin-Shwartz Irit 2017 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Experimental Investigation of a Boron Loaded Gel Fuel Ramjet Combustor
Thomas Antony 2017 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Incorporating Data Association Within Belief Space Planning for Robust Autonomous Navigation
Gottlieb Yoav 2017 Tal Shima Abstracts Task Assignment and Motion Planning in the Presence of Obstacles
Yokev Neta 2017 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts An Investigation of Water-in Fuel Emulsion Spray Combustion
Raj Isac Joseph Kalyan 2017 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts On the conversion of an aviation liquid-fuelled gas turbine combustor to natural gas operation
Yagil Leeran 2017 Daniella Raveh, Moshe Idan, Abstracts Elastic Deformations Control of Highly Flexible Aircraft in Trimmed Flight and Gust Encounter
Tchuiev Vladimir 2017 Tal Shima Abstracts Optimal Pursuit with Rapidly Exploring Random Trees
Balhance Nadav 2017 Tal Shima, Abstracts Cooperative Guidance Law for Intra-salvo Tracking
Har-Nes Shira 2017 Vadim Indelman Abstracts Belief Space Planning for Autonomous Navigation while Modeling Landmark Identification
Kamoun Yohan 2017 Dan Givoli Abstracts Fictitious Source Method for the Analysis of Noise Level from a Distant Source on Ground with Variable Impedance and Topography
Arbel Kfir 2017 Aviv Rosen Abstracts Investigation of the Autorotation of a Cargo Container
Miller Lior 2017 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Development of Integrated Geometry Nozzles for Rocket Motors
Greenfeld Hagit 2016 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Prediction of the Burning Rate of a Multi-Modal Oxdizer Composite Propellant
Stein Nitai 2016 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Cooperative Estimation Via Altruism
Keren Rattner Miko 2020 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Fiber-Optics-Based Aeroelastic Shape Sensing
Oren Shay 2019 Itzchak Frankel Abstracts Dipolophresis of Ideally – Polarizable Cylindrical Particle Pairs
Shtark Tomer 2016 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Tracking a non-cooperative target using a real-time stereovision-based control law
Meir Tomer 2019 David Durban Abstracts Buckling of Columns with Non-Ideal Boundary Conditions
Yablochkin Efim 2019 Beni Cukurel Abstracts High-Speed Hot-Wire Anemometry Towards Independent Characterization of Instantaneous Flow Quantities with Minimal Calibration
Drachinsky Ariel 2016 Daniella Raveh Abstracts Limit-Cycle Oscillation of a Pretensed Membrane Strip
Jashinski Michal 2016 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Development of Satellite Cluster Flight Algorithms Under Thrusting Errors
Zamir Yossi 2019 Alon Gany Abstracts Electromechanical System for Solid Rocket Motor Thrust Modulation
Lejzerowicz Meir Zvi Yerem 2019 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Guidance for Rendezvous and Docking with Tumbling Space Targets
Brack Daniel 2016 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts In-orbit Tracking of High Area-to-Mass Ratio Space Objects
Amar Hanan 2018 Dan Givoli Abstracts Coupling Methods for Dynamic Models of One-and Two-Dimensional Structures
Weiss Alon 2016 David Durban Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Projectile Penetration Resisting Force in Polycarbonate Targets
Yakirevich Eli 2018 Beni Cukurel Abstracts Design of Continuous Closed-Loop Transonic Linear Cascade for Aero-Thermal Performance Studies in Micro-Turbomachinery
Yasovitch Sharon 2016 Tal Shima Abstracts Rapidly Exploring Random Trees for Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles
Shashank Judah 2018 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Fundamental Combustion Study using Counterflow Combustor
Uzan Segoula 2016 Alon Gany, Avishag Pelosi-Atias, Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Blunt Body Film Cooling in Supersonic High Enthalpy Flows
Batan Adi 2018 Stephan Rudykh Abstracts The Influence of the Interfacial Layers on Hyperelastic Composites
Wollmark Shahar 2018 Alon Gany, Yinon Yavor, Abstracts Investigation of the Burning Rates of Solid Propellants Composed of Nano-Aluminum and Water
Press Michael 2015 Ehud Kroll Abstracts Critical Examination of Functional Decomposition and Morphology as an Engineering Design Teaching Method
Novikov Alina 2017 Benveniste Natan, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts The Effect of Flow Bleed on the Starting Process of a Ramjet Engine Intake
Leiter Noam 2015 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Optimizing Cluster Flight for Space-based Geolocation
Isaev Oleg 2017 Beni Cukurel Abstracts Thermodynamic Simulation of Continuous Closed Loop Heated Micro-Turbine Test Facility
Komkov Valeriya 2015 Yeshayahou Levy, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts Design of a Circular to Rectangular Transition Duct for 2D Exhaust Tail Pipe
Bitansky Avi 2017 Yoseph Ben-Asher, George Hexner, Abstracts Using Multiple Sensing to Overcome Structural Bending Models in Flight Control
Gandelman Roman 2016 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Modelling, optimization and monitoring of small wind turbine for low cut in velocities
Roizner Federico 2015 Jacob Cohen Abstracts Transition in Plane Poiseuille Flow
Tuval Israel 2016 Dan Givoli, Ehud Behar, Abstracts A Hybrid Computational Method for Dynamic Thermal Analysis in Domains with Thin Layers
Ribak Yasmin 2015 Jacob Cohen Abstracts The Aero-Optic Phenomenon in a Compressible Shear Layer
Romm Aviv 2016 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Dynamic Aeroelastic Simulation of the Deployment Process of a Wing with Variable Sweep Angle
Aviv Tsahi 2015 Pinchas Gurfil, Hector Rotstein, Abstracts Inertial Navigation Aiding Using Multiple View Feature Matching
Vaynshtein Alexander 2015 Benveniste Natan, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts On the Flow Stability of a Sudden Opening Supersonic Intake
Raviv Sayag Michal 2015 Omri Rand, Rimon Arieli, Yossef Elimelech, Abstracts Investigation of the Flow Field about a Plate with an Oscillating Bump
Balas Shachar 2015 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Invesrtigation of the Condensation of Boron Oxide in a HC-Boron Gel-Fuel Ramjet
Tor Hilla 2016 Jacob Cohen, Abstracts Laminar flow over a backward-facing step with a wavy- surface bottom
Buch Oran 2015 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Dynamic Buckling of Nano-Beams
Yeger Matan 2016 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Tracking in the Presence of Field-of-View Constraints using Probabilistic Data Association
Katz Vladimir 2015 Avshalom Manela Abstracts Effect of Trailing Edge Elasticity on the Acoustic Signature of an Airfoil in Unsteady Flow
Simanovsky Yuri 2016 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Investigation of the behavior of damaged aluminum panel under shear loads, reinforced by composite patches
Kurovsky Vladimir 2015 Benveniste Natan, Shaul Gutman, Abstracts Feasibility Study of the Guidance System of an Exo-Atmospheric Interceptor
Federico Roizner 2015 Abstracts Transition in Plane Poiseuille Flow
Fursht Gilad 2015 Moshe Idan Abstracts Non-Linear Control Algorithms for Low Cost Seeker Heads
Gecht Michael 2015 David Durban, Baruch Karp, Abstracts Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Dynamic End Effects
Segev Yair 2014 Gil Iosilevskii Abstracts Lift Generation by Flapping Wings in Hover
Peker Avi 2015 Benveniste Natan, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts Feasibility Study of a Medium/Long Range Ramjet Cruise Missile
Grinfeld Natan 2014 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts An Optimal Missile Guidance Law with a Jerk Constraint
Galperin Aleander 2014 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Analytic Solutions for Optimal Orbital Transfers around Oblate Planets
Sisi Shani 2014 Alon Gany Abstracts Parametric Investigation of a Hybrid Motor Using Paraffin and Nitrous Oxide
Tsalik Ronny 2014 Tal Shima Abstracts Inscribed Angle Guidance Law
Shalumov Vitaly 2014 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Investigation of Jet-A and Methanol Spray Combustion Using Large Eddy Simulation
Zimmerman Fernando 2014 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Pulsed Plasma Thruster-Assisted Formation Keeping of Nano-Satellites under J2 and Drag
Emuna Nir 2014 David Durban Abstracts Bending Theory of Functionally Graded Beams
Rosu Dov 2014 Jacob Cohen Abstracts Design and Construction of an Experimenal Apparatus to Examine the Possibility of Reducing Aero-Optical Distortions Caused by Turbulent Shear Layers
Daniel Komornik 2014 Abstracts Study of a Hybrid Gas Generator for a Ducted Rocket
Pustilnik Mark 2014 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Dynamic Loads Alleviation Using Floating Flaps and Tip Sections
Buchnik Shlomi 2014 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Aeroelastic Optimization of Varying Sweep Angle Wing
Schreiber Ilanit 2014 Alon Gany Abstracts Experimental Investigation of a Hybrid Motor with Nitrous Oxide Oxidizer
Oskar Gilad 2014 Avshalom Manela Abstracts Propagation of Sound Waves in a Rarefied Medium
Meyer Yizhaq 2014 Tal Shima Abstracts Cooperative Guidance for Simultaneous Impact Time
Jamchi Ziv 2013 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Wing Store Limit Cycle Oscillations Using Increased- Order Modeling
Vyomesh Mehta 2013 Jacob Cohen Abstracts Experimental Investigation of Mechanisms Leading to Transition in Pipe Flow
Yam Maor 2013 Rimon Arieli, Baruch Karlean, Abstracts Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Two Dimensional Sails
Reisner Daniel 2013 Tal Shima Abstracts Guidance of an Accelerating Exo-Atmospheric Interceptor Missile
Taub Ilan 2013 Tal Shima Abstracts Optimal Trajectory Shaping Guidance of Time-Varying Acceleration-Constrained Missiles
Lidor Alon 2013 Eran Sher, Daniel Weihs, Abstracts Alternative Energy Sources for Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Elitzur Shani 2013 Alon Gany, Valery Rozenband, Abstracts Parametric Investigation of Hydrogen Supply for a Fuel Cell from Aluminum-Water Reaction
Mizrahi Idan 2013 Rimon Arieli Abstracts On the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Flapping Wing
Livne Or 2013 Alon Gany Abstracts Combustion Model of a Solid Propellant Augmented by a Liquid Oxidizer
Prokopov Oleg 2013 Tal Shima Abstracts Linear Quadratic Optimal Cooperative Strategies for Active Aircraft Protection
Dov Ofir 2013 Yoseph Ben-Asher, Isaac Yaesh, Abstracts Optimal Trajectories and Optimal Guidance for Maneuvering Rockets
Rozen Ofer 2012 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Design, Manufacturing and Characterization of Micro-scale Flapping Wings
Schwartz Yonatan 2012 Yoram Tambour Abstracts Development of Discrete Methods for Correcting Continuous Solutions in Multi-Size Sprays
Tiomkin Sonya 2012 Rimon Arieli, Daniella Raveh, Abstracts Analytical and Numerical Study of a 2D Membrane Wing in Subsonic Flow
Kushnir Evgeny 2012 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts Investigation of the Structure of an Edge-Flame in a Mixing Layer with a Fuel Spray
Malkine Ilia 2015 Jacob Cohen Abstracts Prediction of the Nonlinear Interaction between a 2D Instability Wave and the Maen Flow of 2D Turbulent Wake
Pryluk Raviv 2014 Tal Shima, Oded Golan, Abstracts Guidance Based Target Allocation Algorithm for Defending from a Salvo Attack
Shabtay Royi 2012 Itzchak Frankel Abstracts The Flow around and within a Viscous Liquid Droplet Adhering to a Solid Wall
Hermann Avriel 2014 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Flight Control Law Clearance Using Optimal Control Theory
Keren Yuval 2012 Haim Abramovich, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts Tests on a Hovering Flapping Wing
Gafni Gilad 2014 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Experimental Investigation of an Aluminized Gel Fuel Ramjet Combustor
Hamelnick Liron 2012 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts Investigation of the Characteristics Arrays of Polydisperse Spray Flames
Komornik Sardas Daniel 2014 Alon Gany Abstracts Study of a Hybrid Gas Generator for a Ducted Rocket
Weiss Tewner Shoshana 2013 Jacob Cohen Abstracts Formation and Evolution of Buoyancy Driven Vortices in Stratified Shear Flow
Matsibeker Evgeny 2012 Benveniste Natan Abstracts Numerical Solution of the Flowfield in an Aluminized Gel Fuel Ramjet
Gekht Daphna Olga 2013 Moshe Idan Abstracts Tactical Re-planning Algorithms for 4D Contracts in Air-Traffic Control
Rosentsvit Leonid 2012 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Combustion Instability Reduction in 'Dry Low NOx Premixed Lean Combustion' Gas Turbine Combustors
Sussmann Clara 2012 Dan Givoli, Yaakov Benbenisti, Abstracts A Finite Element Method for Effective Models Representing Thin Layers in Heat Conduction
Kats Gershon 2012 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts Investigation of Different Aspects of Spray Flame Behavior
Abramov Danny 2012 Gil Iosilevskii, Michael Shafshalovich, Abstracts Passive Prevention of Icing on the Rear Element of a Two-Element Airfoil
Mouchnino Avner 2012 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Low-Thrust Orbital Transfer with Mitigated Space-Debris Collision Risk
Shihmanter Alexander 2012 Ehud Kroll Abstracts Capturing the Conceptual Design Process with Concept-Configuration-Evaluation Triplets
Appel Leonid 2012 Mauricio Guelman, David Mishne, Abstracts Optimization of Satellite Constellation Reconfiguration
Farage Asaf 2012 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts Investigation of the Dynamics of an Edge Flame with Fuel Spray
Vichik Sergey 2012 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Covariance Selection, and Algorithms for Distributed Estimation Based on Gaussian Graphical Models
Indig Nahshon 2012 Yoseph Ben-Asher, Nathan Farber, Abstracts Sub-Optimal Spatial Mid-Course Guidance with Angular Constraint
Moran Yehuda 2011 Tal Shima, Yakov Ben-Haim, Abstracts Info-Gap Approach for Micro UAV Helicopter Motion Planning under Severe Uncertainty
Berlowitz Ella 2011 Yeshayahou Levy, Savely Khosid, Abstracts On the Effect of the Mach Number and Altitude on the Performance of Small Centrifugal Compressor
Dekel Maya 2011 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Pseudo-Spectral-Method Based Optimal Glide in the Event of Engine Cut-off
Alon Gali 2011 Jacob Cohen Abstracts The Development of a Buoyant Vortex (Thermal) in Stagnant and Irrotational Shear Flows
Gur Ido 2011 Dan Givoli Abstracts Solution of large-scale aeroacoustics problems Using enriched finite elements
Gleizer Stanislav 2011 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Accurate Solutions for Composite Plates with Piezoelectric Patches
Shamenzon Joseph 2011 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Performance of a Combustion Chamber that Implements Flameless Oxidation, Using a Heat Exchanger of Recirculated Exhaust Gases
Keidar Moran 2011 Alon Gany Abstracts Investigation of Ignition of Aluminum Particles at the Vicinity of Detonation
Cons Matthew 2011 Tal Shima, Carmel Domshlak, Abstracts Integrating Task and Motion Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Basov Evgeny 2011 Mordechay Karpel, Rimon Arieli, Abstracts Static Aeroelastic Investigation of a Forward Swept Wing at Transonic Speeds
Levin Dani 2010 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Aeroelastic Instability of Fins with Non-linear Stiffness
Shafir Yehuda 2010 Gil Iosilevskii Abstracts Flight Mechanics of Wind-Surfing Kite
Weidenfeld Michael 2010 Itzchak Frankel Abstracts Marangoni Instability of a Liquid Layer in an Unsteady (Evolving) Temperature Field
Selitrennik Evgeny 2010 Mordechay Karpel, Yuval Levy, Abstracts Computational Aeroelastic Simulation of Wing Unfolding Process
Ognev Valentin 2010 Aviv Rosen Abstracts Derivation of a Model to Analyze Propeller Flutter Including Inter-Blade Influences
Shtauber Itzhak 2010 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts A study of Polydisperse Spray Diffusion Flames and their Extinction in Co-flow
Nir Gali 2010 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Design of Out-of-Ecliptic Orbits for Space-Borne Telescopes
Ofir Yoav 2010 Dan Givoli, Avinoam Libai (Deceased), Abstracts Analysis of Stresses and Wrinkles in a Parachute Canopy Model Using "Wrinkle Fields"
Maayan Alon 2010 Rimon Arieli, Gil Iosilevskii, Abstracts The Effect of Fineness Ratio on the Pitch Damping Derivative
Less Hadas 2010 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Dynamic Buckling of Laminated Composite Stringer-Stiffened Cylindrical Panels
Laniado Fein Moran 2010 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Slender Bodies Moving in Close Proximity to a Wing
Birger Anastasia 2010 Mauricio Guelman Abstracts Satellite Constellation for Ballistic Missile Interception
Reitbort Roman 2010 Dan Givoli Abstracts Parabolic Approximations of Wave Propagation for Large- Scale Aero- Acoustics
Alkaher David 2010 Tal Shima Abstracts Cooperative Guidance for Duo Interceptors
Cohen Tal 2010 David Durban Abstracts Constitutive Aspects of Static and Dynamic Cavitation in Elastoplastic Solids
Desyatkov Anat 2009 Benveniste Natan Abstracts The Effect of High Vapor Pressure Additives on the Atomization and Combustion of Gel Fuels
Kutikov Daniel 2009 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Experimental Investigation of fuel Atomization, Evaporation and Distribution in Small-Scale Jet Engines
Vaknin Ariel 2009 Pinchas Gurfil, Alexander Kogan, Abstracts Design of Transfer Trajectories from Earth Orbits to Distant Orbits
Sisso Itay 2009 Tal Shima, Yakov Ben-Haim, Abstracts Info-Gap Approach to Multi Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles Control under Severe Uncertainty
Gofer Aviad 2009 Alon Gany Abstracts Transport and Compressibility Phenomena in a Two-Phase Bubbly Flow
Goldshtein Maxim 2009 Yaakov Oshman, Tzvi Efrati, Abstracts Computer Vision-Based Compensation of Gyro Bias and Scale- Factor Errors
Kronhaus Igal 2009 Mauricio Guelman, Alexander Kapulkin, Abstracts Field Emission Cathode for Use in Electric Propulsion
Kominar Sivan 2009 Aviv Rosen Abstracts A New Actuator Disk Model for Rotor at Steady Flight Conditions
Prumanov Leonid 2009 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of Cylindrical Stiffened Laminated Composite Plates
Atir Ronen 2009 Tal Shima, Haim Weiss, Abstracts Target Maneuver Adaptive Guidance Law for a Bounded Acceleration Missile
Detinis Igor 2009 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Side Forces on a Spinning Cone due to Momentum Addition
Moldavsky Jonathan 2009 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Analytical Models for Prediction of Energy Production by Piezoelectric Materials
Schneiderman Alexander 2009 David Durban Abstracts Elastoplastic Buckling of a Circular Cylindrical Shell under Combined Loading of Axial Force and Hydrostatic Pressure
Manor Amit 2009 Tanchum Weller Abstracts Effect of Tensioning of a Sandwich Plate on its Dynamic Characteristics in Presence of Discrete Masses
Fernandes Elnatan 2009 Haim Abramovich, Ori Ishai (Deceased), Abstracts Thermoelastic Deformations of Laminated Composite Structural Elements
Edison Eugene 2009 Tal Shima Abstracts Task Assignment and Path Optimization for Cooperating Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles
Gal-Rom Yaniv 2009 Mordechay Karpel, Daniella Raveh, Abstracts Aero-Structural Investigation of an Inflated Wing
Lerman Shaul 2008 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts A General Asymptotic Theory of Spray Diffusion Flames
Ben-Yishay Lior 2008 Gil Iosilevskii, Moshe Idan, Abstracts Minimizing the Number of Affected Aircraft in Optimal Air- Traffic Control
Don-Yehiya Gilad 2008 Josef Stricker Abstracts Investigation of Particles Plume Generated by Laser Ablation
Belyanin Sofia 2008 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Semi-Analytical Study of the Effect of Earth's Precession on Geosynchronous Satellites
Kaminer Boaz 2008 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts A Methodology for Estimating and Optimizing Non- Independent Layered Defense Effectiveness
Koltun Mark 2008 Shaul Gutman Abstracts Guidance of a Lateral Jet Controlled Missile
Beigelman Igor 2008 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Graph-Theory-Based Optimal Impulsive Formation keeping and Collocation
Zhurbal Alexander 2008 Yoseph Ben-Asher, Moshe Idan, Abstracts Effect of Estimation on the Performance of an Integrated Missile Guidance and Control System
Birarov Ofer 2008 Yoseph Ben-Asher, George Hexner, Abstracts Reducing Miss Distance by Using Twisting Wing
Broytman Alexander 2008 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Buckling and Post Buckling Behavior of Stiffened Composite Cylindrical Panels under Combined Loading
Dolnik Alexander 2008 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Numerical Investigation of Burning Processes in Gas Turbine Combustor
Brucker Eytan 2007 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Attitude Dynamics and Passive Stabilization on Libration Point Orbits
Verbin Dov 2007 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts Time Efficient Angular Steering Laws for Rigid Satellite
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Azoulay David 2007 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Characterization of Methods for Dynamic Response Analysis of Aeroelastic Systems to Gust Excitation
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Bercovici Moran 2007 Gil Iosilevskii, Eran Arad, Abstracts Evolution of Forebody Vortices over Slender Bodies at High Angles of Attack
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Itenberg Olga 2007 Alon Gany Abstracts Effect of Individual Flow and Combustion Process Efficiencies on the Scramjet Engine Cycle Performance
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Zaide Avraham 2007 Daniella Raveh Abstracts CFD-Based Time-Domain Aeroelastic Gust-Response Model
Klein Itzik 2007 Mauricio Guelman, Stephen Lipson, Abstracts Distributed Spacecrafts Systems Optimal Configurations for Intensity Interferometer Implementation
Meltzer Daniel 2007 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Stationkeeping about the Collinear Equilibrium Points in the Restricted Three-Body Problem
Valensi Shlomit 2006 Alon Gany Abstracts Parametric Sea Trials of Marine Ramjet Engine Performance
Gold Pavel 2006 Moshe Idan, Mordechay Karpel, Abstracts Modelling and Control of Nonlinear Aeroservoelasticity Due to Actuator Free Play
Kunin Alina 2006 Jerrold Greenberg, Benveniste Natan, Abstracts Investigation of Gel Spray Diffusion Flame
Kidron Ya'eer 2006 David Durban, Yuval Levy, Abstracts Parallel lmplicit Algorithms for Cartesian Grids
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Adar Motti 2005 Yuval Levy, Alon Gany, Abstracts Numerical Study of Flare Separation
Shitrit Shlomy 2005 Benveniste Natan, Joseph Ashkenazy, Abstracts Investigation of Improved Hall Thruster Configuration for Low Power Operation
Fridman Gidon 2005 Alon Gany Abstracts Study of a Cycle Combining Rocket/Ram-Rocket for Space Launcher
Shapiro Roman 2005 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Jet Engine Simulation with Optimal Reconstruction of Its Compressor Characterisrics Maps Characteristics Maps
Hollander Yaniv 2005 David Durban Abstracts Bifurcation Phenomena around a Spherical Inclusion
Mindelis Ya'akov 2005 Yuval Levy Abstracts Volumetric Graphical Flow Visualization
Kivelevitch Elad 2005 Pinchas Gurfil Abstracts Flock Properties Effect on the Mission Execution Performance of Cooperating Aerial Vehicles
Rozanov Mark 2005 Mauricio Guelman Abstracts Design of Methods for Aeroassisted Orbit Transfer Trajectories Control under Variable Density Conditions
Scheuer Ron 2005 Alon Gany Abstracts Thermodynamic Aspects of Boron Combustion in Propulsion Systems
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Koren Oren 2005 Alon Gany Abstracts Water Tank Testing of a Laboratory Two-Phase Marine Ramjet Engine
Rosenblatt Florence 2005 Josef Stricker Abstracts Measurement Methods for Aero-Optical Phenomena and Restoration of Images Distorted by Them
Rabinovich Daniel 2004 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Flameless Oxidation in Gas Turbine Combustors for Reduction of NOx Emissions
Simantov Shahar Michael 2004 Arthur Grunwald Abstracts Stabilization and Control of a Miniature Remotely Piloted Flight Vehicle for Hovering and Omni-Directional Flight
Gordana Roni 2004 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts High Altitude Ignition Process in Small Jet Engine
Pinsler Galia 2004 Gil Iosilevskii, Yoseph Ben-Asher, Abstracts A New Approach to Definition of Safety Regions for a Test- Field
Melman Daniel 2004 Moshe Idan Abstracts Effect of Noise on the Performance of an Adaptive Neural Network Based Output Feedback Controller
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Segal Shai 2003 Yoseph Ben-Asher Abstracts A Derivation of Guidance Laws for UAVs Formation Flight
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Rubanenko Ariel 2002 Yaakov Oshman, Hector Rotstein, Abstracts State Estimation Using Measurements with Uncertain Time-Tag
Arad David 2002 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Improving the Interception Performance of Air to Air Missiles Using Target Orientation Observations
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Zusman Ron 2001 Dan Givoli, Avraham Berkovits, Abstracts A Global-Local Finite Element Framework for Fatigue Crack Propagation Analysis
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Kraus Harel 2000 Y. Bar-Itzhack (Deceased) Abstracts Ins/gps Integration Under Slective Availability's Disturbances
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Cohen Nechemia 2000 Dan Givoli Abstracts Dynamic Finite Elements Analysis of Space Structures Under Thermal Shock
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Nadler Assaf 1999 Abstracts Algorithms for the Attitude Determination Using Gps Phase Measurements
Revivo Michael 1999 Omri Rand Abstracts Vibration Reduction in Helicopters by Non-Rotating Active Lifting Surfaces
Suponitsky Victoria 1999 Abstracts Numerical Investigation of the Supersonic Flow Over An Axisymmetric Cavity Placed on a Blunt Cone
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Mazor Dan 1998 Omri Rand Abstracts A Study of the Importance of the in-Plane Deformation in Thin-Walled Beams
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Harmats Mordehai 1997 Daniel Weihs Abstracts High-Altitude Long-Endurance Rpv with Hybrid Propulsion Feasibility Study
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Bar-Shimon Liat 2007 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts A Varying-Bandwidth Homing Estimator
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Lapid Maoz Judith 2000 Abstracts Relative-Location Determination of Cooperating Aircraft
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Dellus Francois 1999 Abstracts Estimation of Satellite Angular Velocity Using Sequential Measurements of a Single Inertial Vector
Yehezkely Erez 1995 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Flutter of a Missile with Non- Linear Control Surface Actuat
Losneanu Amir 1998 Aviv Rosen Abstracts Methods for Calculating and Reducing Airplane Propeller Noise
Benyakar Adela 1995 Benveniste Natan, Alon Gany, Abstracts Investigation of the Combustion of Solid Fuel at Supersonic Flow Conditions in a Ramijet Engine
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Pevsner Pavel 1995 Avraham Berkovits Abstracts Damage Detection in Composites from Vibratory Characteristics
Goldberg Shmuel 1995 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Aeroservoelastic Preliminary Design of Flight Vehicles
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Fisher Lior 1994 Alon Gany Abstracts Fundamental Study of High Speed Bubbly Flows through
Golovanevsky Boris 1996 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Investigation of Oscillations in Laminar Spray Combustion.
Varshay Yehezkel 1994 Alon Gany Abstracts Development of a System for a Feasibility Study of
Yakov Yaron 1996 Micha Wolfshtein, Josef Shinar (Deceased), Abstracts A Tactical Real Time Air to Air Interception Guidance
Brainin Lior 1994 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Loads and Strength Considerations in Aeroservoelastic Optimi
Bleicher Laurence 1995 Moshe Idan Abstracts Head Tracking Performance with Helmet Mounted Sights and An Algorithm for Improvement of Tracking Accuracy
Jacobson Amit 1994 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Blood Flow Measurements in Capillary Tubes
Shaviv Guy 1995 Moshe Idan Abstracts Robust Control Design Strategy with Parameter Dominated Uncertainty
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Aberbach Varda 1995 Micha Wolfshtein Abstracts Numerical Solution of Internal Flows in Curved Ducts
Miller Eliau 1993 Abstracts Investgation Ash Separation from Combustion Products
Yagel Omer 1995 David Durban Abstracts Simple Shear of a Porous Material at Large Strain
Barkai Shirley-Miriam 1993 Omri Rand Abstracts Elastic Rotor and Body Response to Higher Harmonic Control
Shusser Michael 1993 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Expansion of Liquid Jets in Space
Ben-Ari Rami 1994 Aviv Rosen Abstracts The Influence of Nonuniform Hclicopter Biades on Vibratidns
Isakow Michael 1993 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Estimation of Aircraft Attitudebased on a Stabilized Payload
Mendelboim Tal 1993 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Maximum Likelihood Model Parameter Identification
Posylkin Michael 1993 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Elutriation of Particles from Pressurized Fluidized Bed
Gilboa Yair 1993 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Solar Unmanned Air Vemicle
Sole Laslo 1993 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Efficient Aeroservoelastic Modeling for Control Design
Maliniak Gideon 1993 Abstracts The Aerodynamic Characteri Stics of Rhombic Cross Sgction Co
Hazzan Shimon 1993 Abstracts Pressure and Dimension Upgadingin Pulverized Coal Combustion
Adin Zvi 1993 Eliezer Kreindler Abstracts Control of Freg-Fliht Aeromodels for Maximal Flight Duratio
Zehavy Shmuel 1993 Yoram Tambour Abstracts Relaxation of a Polidisperse Spray Renind a Normal Shock
Menis Baruch 1992 Yaakov Oshman Abstracts Motion Estimation Via Statistical Felteringos Optical Flow
Tsoor Amos 1992 Alon Gany Abstracts Testing Thrust Modulation in Ram-Rockets
Koren Sergio 1992 Josef Rom (Deceased) Abstracts Investigation of the Flow Field on Slender Froebodies
Turgeman Michael 1992 Josef Shinar (Deceased) Abstracts Analysis of the Vertical Maneuvering in Optimal Missil
Shorshi Gil 1992 Y. Bar-Itzhack (Deceased) Abstracts Fatellite Autonomous Navigation-Based on the Magnetic Feeld
Leser Rodolphe 1992 Omri Rand, David Durban, Abstracts Singular Fielps in Steady Penetration of a Rigid Wedge Into
Zuckerman Zvi 1992 David Durban Abstracts Optimal Path in Elastoplastic Buckling of Plates
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Rivkin Leonid 1992 Dan Givoli Abstracts A New Finite Element Method for Problems with Singularities
Melamed Beni 1991 Josef Rom (Deceased) Abstracts Investigation of the Convergance of the Nlvlm
Kentor Lea 1991 Josef Shinar (Deceased) Abstracts A Computational Method for Automated Construction and
Pohikishvie Moti 1991 Avraham Steinberg Abstracts Robust Stabiligation Applied to An Aircraft Aud
Tabak Russel 1991 Josef Shinar (Deceased) Abstracts Optimal Evasion of An Aircraft from a Coasting Proportional
Goldman Claudio 1991 Alon Gany Abstracts Fuel Flow Rate Modulation in Ram-Rockets
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Djana-Shvili Jossef 1991 Dan Givoli Abstracts Solution of Optimzation Problems of Structues with
Soloveychik Alexandra 1991 Yehuda Stavsky (Deceased), Jerrold Greenberg, Abstracts Dynamic Gtability of Anisotropic Sandwich Plates and Shells
Abramovitz Adrian 1991 Arthur Grunwald Abstracts Interactive Method for Planning Constrained Fucl Optimal
Chaimovitz Menachem 1991 Aviv Rosen Abstracts Advanced Rotor Model for Flightmechanics of Helicopters
Topaz Liora 1991 Arthur Grunwald, Shmuel Merhav (Deceased), Abstracts Azimuth Estimation in Earth-Pointing Satellites
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Hecht Yoseph 1991 Omri Rand Abstracts Hovering Helicopter Response to a Sharp Collective Change
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Presente Eyal 1993 Mordechay Karpel Abstracts Efficient Aeroelastic Analysis for An Aircraft with Multiple
Kalfon Jean-Philippe 1992 Omri Rand Abstracts Nonlinear Structural Behavior of Thin-Walled Composite Blade
Fisher Nahman 1992 David Durban Abstracts Decay of End Effects in Elasto Plastic Beams
Cohen Kelly 1991 Tanchum Weller Abstracts Passive Damping Avgmantation for Vibration Suppression in
Kohn Sylvia 1991 Arthur Grunwald Abstracts Low Altitude Flight Control by Helmet Mounted Displays
Hadar Ilan 1991 Alon Gany Abstracts Fuel Type Effect on the Combustion in a Solid Fuel Ramjet
Harel Dan 1991 Mauricio Guelman Abstracts Vertical Landing on An Asteroid
Gazit Ran 1990 Shaul Gutman Abstracts Development of Guidance Laws for Accelerating Missile
Amitay Michael 1990 Arnan Seginer (Deceased), Abstracts Unsteady Aerodynamics of a Delta Wing in Periodic Flow
Ben-Arosh Rachel 1990 Alon Gany Abstracts Similarity and Scale Effects Insolid Fuel Ramjets
Zilberman Gady 1990 Mauricio Guelman Abstracts Optimal Evasion of a Constant Speed Targat from a Proportio
Roshu Cornel 1990 David Durban Abstracts On the Influence of Plastic Orthotropy on Stress Concentrat
Wetzler Michael 1990 Josef Shinar (Deceased) Abstracts Extended Guidance Law for the Design of a Future Guided
Green Alon 1990 Mauricio Guelman Abstracts Pursuit Evasion Game Between a Coasting Missile and An Aircr
Pletner Baruch 1990 Haim Abramovich Abstracts Response of Discrete and Continuous Systems to Uncertarn Exc
Kubi Michael 1990 David Durban Abstracts New Solutions for Pressurized Elasto-Plastic Cylinders
Shalom Abraham 1990 Alon Gany Abstracts Ballistic Properties of Fuel Rich Propellants
Sarig Nimrod 1990 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts Investigption of Counterflow Spray Diffusion Flames
Schneebaum Yaron 1990 Alon Gany Abstracts Development and Ballistic Charactesication of An Xlob Propel
Lavi Izhak 1990 Arnan Seginer (Deceased), Aviv Rosen, Abstracts Numerical Analysis of Tipvane Influence on Wind Turbines
Bar-Deroma Zvi 1989 Micha Wolfshtein, Moshe Israeli (Deceased), Abstracts Computation of Internal Flows in Variable Cross Section Duct
Israel Fernando 1989 Abstracts Implementation of a Ldv System to a Subsonic Wind Tunnel
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Nadler Zvi 1989 Meir Hanin (Deceased) Abstracts Theoretical Inuestigation of the Flow in Vortex Breakdown
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Seter Dan 1989 Omri Rand, Aviv Rosen, Abstracts Investigation of the Autorotation of a Free Rotor
Christo Farid 1989 Yeshayahou Levy Abstracts Experimental Study of Two-Phaseflow at Low Reynolds Numbers
Lifshitz Sharron 1989 Shmuel Merhav (Deceased) Abstracts Stabilizafion of Electro-Optical Displays by Adaptive Filter
Seth Ilan 1989 Jerrold Greenberg Abstracts Numerical Frequency Analysis of Structures in An Infinite
Rom Hanan 1988 Alon Gany Abstracts Pulsating Operation of a Rocket Motodr Based on Catalytic
Rutenberg David 1988 Daniel Weihs Abstracts Flow Noise Passage Tarough An Elastomeeic Medium
Mekler Jacob 1988 Meir Hanin (Deceased) Abstracts Aeroelastic Numericl Calculations of a Wing at High Angles
Bergman Yoel 1988 Yacov Timnat (Deceased) Abstracts Influence of Reduction of Wtabilizer on Balistic Performance
Levitas Josef 1988 Arnan Seginer (Deceased) Abstracts Stability of Thin Vortices
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Melamed Nahum 1988 Josef Shinar (Deceased), David Mishne, Abstracts Feasibility of Heliosynchronous Orbit Keeping
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Somers Martin 1990 Tanchum Weller, Haim Abramovich, Abstracts The Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Sandwich Beams in
Hougui Sadok 1990 David Mishne Abstracts A Guidance Law for Atmospheric Plane Change Maneuver of An
Gur Baruch 1989 Yacov Timnat (Deceased) Abstracts Propulsion Systems for Geostationary Spacecrafts
Weinberg Zvi 1989 Daniel Weihs, Abstracts Exp Inv of the Vortex System of Cruciform Wing-Body Config
Koifman Mark 1989 Shmuel Merhav (Deceased) Abstracts Real Time Aircraft Attitude Estimation by Rate Gyroscopes
Libis Natan 1988 Yacov Timnat (Deceased), Jerrold Greenberg, Abstracts Investigation of Coal Particles Combustion Process in Opross