Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Faculty of Electrical And Computer Engineering offers programs leading to Master and Doctor degrees.

Research and Study Areas:

  • Communication and information theory
  • Signal processing of speech and images
  • Computers, Computer networks and VLSI Systems
  • Computer data networks and multimedia systems
  • Computer aided design and software engineering
  • Electro-optics (optoelectronics)
  • Waves and fields phenomena
  • Microelectronics and VLSI
  • Control
  • Biological systems and medical electronics
  • Vision and image structure
  • Energy conversion and control and control of electric power
  • Networks, circuits and graphs

MSc and ME programs

MSc Program

The MSc study-track requires a 19-credit points course study (8 – 9 courses) and the submission of a thesis on a research or engineering project. Alternatively, the student can complete a 27-credit points study program and submit a final paper, which is about half the size of a research thesis. Two credit points must be taken in a mathematical subject. The other courses should be taken from the list of Electrical Engineering or joint graduate/undergraduate courses. Students may not repeat a course, which they have already taken on the undergraduate level.

The student’s study program should be designed to have one major area of specialization and several secondary related areas, chosen from the above research areas. The student is responsible for finding a thesis advisor and a research (project) topic. Students should approach faculty members to explore the possibilities of carrying out a research project, a project or a final paper in their research areas. It is recommended that students approach faculty members upon completing not more than 10 credit points.

Master in Electrical Engineering (ME)

Candidate requirements include: Completion of BSc studies in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Completion of BSc studies in Engineering (excluding Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) with a high grade point average. Completion of BSc studies in other scientific areas (Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics) with a high grade point average.

Admission criteria and terms are identical to those of the thesis-track MSc program.

Requirements for the degree of Master in Electrical Engineering: At least 40 credit points accrued in graduate courses. Finding an academic supervisor and carrying out a 6-credit point project within a comprehensive seminar course. This project/seminar is undertaken within a two-semester (yearly) course.
Students are required to present a comprehensive seminar on the subject of their project approved by the supervisor. No final exam will take place.

Graduate students pursuing this program are not eligible to continue their studies towards a doctoral degree in the Faculty. Continuation of studies towards a PhD degree requires the completion of a research thesis in the category of a final paper or research project.
Transfer to a thesis track MSc program is subject to the recommendation of the supervisor and the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Advanced Studies

An applicant who does not meet with the admission requirements for the MSc Program, or who wishes to attend graduate courses, may study courses in the Division of Continuing Education of External Studies.

Transfer from advanced studies to graduate studies

An advanced studies student, who does not meet with graduate studies requirements, can be admitted to the MSc program subject to his grades point average (at least 4 courses, including a mathematical one with an 82-point average). The student is required to find an advisor and to enclose a research proposal with his application.

Credit for previous studies

A graduate student requiring recognition of previous studies (advanced courses, surplus courses previously studied at another Academic Institute), may do so by applying to the Graduate Studies Coordinator, enclosing his permanent advisor’s recommendation. Up to 25% of total course requirements could be credited for courses taken at another university, which are subject to approval by the Faculty Committee for Graduate Studies. Grades for courses credited will appear on student’s grade record.

Direct PhD Track

This exceptional track is applicable to outstanding MSc students who have excelled in their research and whose thesis can be developed to meet the level and extent required for a PhD thesis. Applications should be initiated by the advisor, and subject to paragraph 24.07 in Graduate School Regulations. Approval by a qualifying committee, appointed by the Faculty Graduate Committee, is required.
In order to obtain Graduate School’s approval, the candidate will be required to pass the candidacy exam within one semester; if failed or is delayed the student will first complete his MSc thesis.

Special PhD Direct Track

This track is applicable to MSc students, with a BSc grade average of at least 90, with an approved research topic that hey have pursued for at least one semester, and who have completed 6 points of course work including one basic science course.

PhD program

A study and research program towards a Doctorate (PhD) in Electrical Engineering is offered to highly qualified students who excelled in their MSc studies.
A candidate who qualifies with the official requirements of the Graduate School, or who is about to complete his MSc can apply to the Graduate Studies Committee stating field of interest. Candidates are required to find an advisor who is a full time faculty member.

The candidate will appear before the Admission Committee, after approval of a tentative advisor, whose recommendation will be submitted to the Faculty Committee for Graduate Studies. The committee will consider the candidate’s achievements and evaluate his ability. A MSc student whose candidacy for a PhD (not direct track) has been approved is required to complete his MSc studies with very good marks. Final approval of candidacy is subject to advisor’s appointment, and approval of the thesis and study program.

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