Systems Engineering

Interdisciplinary ME program The Systems Engineering program leads to the degree of Master of Engineering.

This is a new interdisciplinary program and includes the following academic units: The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Systems engineering has been earning considerable attention in the world as well as in Israel in recent years developing the academic basis and the practical means for the systems engineer. It constitutes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating various disciplines and specialty groups to form a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to operation.

Many of the leading universities in the world have developed academic programs targeting the systems engineer including the Technion which, answering that need has opened an academic program awarding a non-thesis ME degree in systems engineering.

ME program

The Systems Engineering program at the Technion aims to provide experienced engineers with the necessary knowledge and practice to enable them to perform the Systems Engineering functions in industry. The curriculum was developed interactively between the industry and the academia, taking into account the needs of each. This is a non-thesis program and includes 40 credit points, of which 12 are courses, and 6 a seminar/project.

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