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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Kril-Migdal Yael 2016 PhD Abstracts Authentic Leadership in Practice – The Alignment of Words and Deeds
Faraj Emad 2015 PhD Abstracts Managing Risk Dormancy in Multi-Team Work: Application of Time-Dependent Success-and-Safety Assurance Methodology
Segel Karpas Dikla 2013 PhD Abstracts Adjustment to Retirement: Attachment Avoidance and Anxiety as Boundary Conditions for the Effects of Changes in Income and Activities on Well-being
Tenne-Gazit Orly 2007 PhD Abstracts Transformational Leadership, Managerial Consistency and Group Interaction as Climate Antecedents: A Social Network Analysis
Livne Yael 2007 PhD Abstracts Leadership and Safety Climate in Healthcare Organizations: A Conceptual Framework for Predicting and Measuring Patient Safety Climate among Hospital Nurses
Luria Gil 2004 PhD Abstracts A Multi-Level Safety Climate Measurement and the Moderating Variables between Levels
Barkan Rachel 1998 PhD Learning Processes in Signal Detection Tasks with Probabilistic Penalty: a Model for Safety Behavior
Snir Raphael Rafi 1998 PhD Workaholism: Description, Definition, Measurement And Validation
Roditi Gonen 2021 MSc Abstracts The Effect of Trust Levels within a Team and Climate on Perceived Resiliencence
Yakobi Ofir 2015 MSc Abstracts Impact of Behavioral Integrity on Decision Making: A Fuzzy Signal Detection Theory Approach
Werber Yaron 2015 MSc Abstracts “First; Do No Harm”: Intervention Strategy for Improving Patient Safety Climate in Hospitals; a Randomized Field Study
Leibovich Alon 2015 MSc Abstracts Let the Workers Talk! The Role of Social Interactions in the Emergence of Safety Climate in a Dangerous Workplace
Davidi Bruchian Ortal 2014 MSc Abstracts The Influence of the Organizational Culture and Climate of the School on the Reaching Hour`s Efficiency in the Classrooms
Polachek Tal 2011 MSc Abstracts Leadership Development: Feedback Based on Daily Conversations between Managers and Employees to Improve Leadership and Safety at the Workplace
Rubinovich Pnina 2007 MSc Abstracts The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organization Commitment
Shaul Sara 2003 MSc Abstracts An Effort Reward Model of Burnout
Finkelstain Tamar 2002 MSc Abstracts The Relation between Work Interrupions and the Worker’s Self-Reported Mood (Positive and Negative), Fatigue, Workload and Productivity
Livne Yael 2001 MSc Effects of Stress on Semantic Parameters of Speech Production
Brandt Yoav 2001 MSc Stress Perception: Effects of Exam Difficulty and Importance Combined with a Retest Option, on Subsequent Levels of Stress
Luria Gil 2001 MSc Using Scripts as an Organizational Control Mechanism
Melamed Yoram 1997 MSc The Effects of Stress on Functions of Written Language Production
Tolnai Anat 1997 MSc The Effect of Interruption on Stress at Work
Massad Liat 1997 MSc Gender Differences in the Evaluation of Managers Reactions To Stressfull Events
Dor Rekem 1997 MSc Long Term Retention of Procedural Skill
Alfandari Moshe 1996 MSc Influence of Organizational Justice Variables on Symptoms Of Stress
Shadmi Ayelet 1996 MSc The Effect of Stress and Anxiety on Cognitive Performance.
Dayan Ilan 1995 MSc Evaluation of Stress Situations: the Relative Importance Of Appraisal Variables.
Shahar Amikam Sigalit 1991 MSc Retirement as a Major Stressfullife Event
Sagy Shosh 1990 MSc Orgnizational Power and the Information Systems Department
Oren Raphy 1990 MSc Needs as An Intermediate Variable in Managerial Stress
Golany Zvi 1989 MSc Safe Clim as An Oper Expre of Control Cli in Ind Organ