PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Yehuda Leviatan
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No of theses 23
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Markish Ofer 2019 PhD Abstracts Analysis of Heating and Absorption Mechanisms in Antennas for Bolometers
Szafranek Dana 2017 PhD Abstracts Source-Model Technique for Computations of Scattering by, and Waveguiding across, Arrays of Cylinders Embedded in Layered Media
Hochman Amit 2009 PhD Abstracts Computational Methods for Analysis of Wave Interaction with Plasmonic Nanowires
Ludwig Alon 2007 PhD Abstracts Analysis of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Photonic Crystals by Use of a Source-Model Technique
Shifman Yair 2003 PhD Abstracts Spatio-Temporal Multiresolution Analysis for Efficient Method of Moments Solutions of Transient Electromagnetic Wave Scattering
Baharav Izhak Zachi 1998 PhD Basis Construction for Efficient Scattering Analysis
Boag Amir 1991 PhD Analysis of Wave Scattring from Periodic Structures
Silverstein Daniel 2022 MSc Abstracts Design of Irregular Antenna Arrays Operating in the Presence of a Structure for Shaped-Beam Radiation using Reciprocity and Sparse Optimization
Sister Ilya 2017 MSc Abstracts Blackbody Thermal Radiation Calculation Using the Source Model Technique
Blankrot Boaz 2016 MSc Abstracts A Fast Source-Model Technique for Many-Scatterer Problems in Electromagnetics
Trotskovsky Konstantin 2010 MSc Abstracts Source Model Technique Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering by Surface Grooves and Slits
Sorkin Dmitri 2008 MSc Abstracts Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Use of a Source Model Technique
Tal Nikolay 2006 MSc Abstracts Modeling of UWB Antenna and Short Range Communications Channel
Hochman Amit 2005 MSc Abstracts Analysis of Photonic-Crystal Fibers by Use of a Source- Model Technique
Spiegel Haiim 2000 MSc Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering by Small Irregularities on Surfaces Using An Adaptive Local Cosine Basis in the Method Of Moments
Shifman Yair 1998 MSc Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Using Wavelet Packet Expansion Functions Selected from An Overcomplete Dictionary
Baruch Eyal 1995 MSc Analysis of a Quasi-Periodic Reflector Antenna
Haller Mordechai 1990 MSc Analysis of Electromagnetic Scatterjng Cylindrical Shell
Erez Eitan 1989 MSc Analysis of Natural Frequencies of Cauites and Scatters
Boag Alona 1989 MSc Analysis and Optimization of Multiapplicator Hyperthermia
Meyoohas Yossef 1989 MSc Analysis of Electromagmetic Scattering from Buried Objects
Altman Zwi 1989 MSc Determination of the Propagation Constants in Cylindrical
Eisler Salomon 1988 MSc Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Bodies with Edge