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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Oklander Boris 2013 PhD Abstracts Modeling Cognitive Radio Systems
Gurewitz Omer 2005 PhD Abstracts Classless Network Time Synchronization and One-Way Delay Estimation
Tan Hwee Pink 2004 PhD Abstracts Quality of Service Provisioning in Wireless Networks
Starobinski David 1999 PhD Quality of Service in High Speed Networks with Multiple-Time Scale Traffic
Khamisy Asad 1994 PhD Analysis of Packet Loss Processes and Message Delays In High Speed, Multi Media Networks
Yaron Opher 1994 PhD Exponentially Bounded Burstiness – a New Perspective On the Topics of Performance and Stability Of Communication Networks
Kessler Ilan 1990 PhD Multiaccess Communication in Channels with Memory
Orda Ariel 1991 PhD Time Depemdent Networks
Oklander Boris 2008 MSc Abstracts Delay Jitter Analysis in Communication Networks and Real-time Systems
Senderov Yuri 2006 MSc Abstracts Adaptive Playout Scheduling Algorithms in Real-time Communications
Bergman Aran 2005 MSc Abstracts Energy Efficiency of Collision Resolution Protocols
Tavor Eran 2004 MSc Abstracts TCP Congestion Control Mechanism Modeling and Analysis
Ayali Lilach 2002 MSc Analysis and Simulation of Queueing Displacement System with Finite Buffers
Nebat Yoav 2002 MSc Abstracts Resequencing Considerations in Downloads
Buller Benjamin 2001 MSc Challenges and Approaches to Interactive Communications over the Internet
Gurewitz Omer 2000 MSc Packet Loss Processes in Systems with Finite Buffers
Orbach Mordechi 1999 MSc A Manager-Agent System for Examination of Computer Networks
Shmuel Avraham 1997 MSc Design and Implementation of An Atm Local Area Network
Lapid Yael 1997 MSc Analysis of Packet Discarding Policies in High-Speed Networks
Raz David 1997 MSc Tracking Methods of Users in a Bi-Dimensional Cellular Network
Zaslavsky Yanina 1997 MSc Adjustment of Lan Topology to Variant Traffic Demands
Starobinski David 1996 MSc New Call Blocking Versus Handoff Blocking in Cellular Networks.
Loy Irit 1995 MSc Globaly Gated Systems: Correlated Arrivals Routing Branch
Elbaum Reuven 1995 MSc Topological Design of Local Area Networks Using a Genetic Algorithm
Kurts Tsvika 1992 MSc Full Duplex Twisted Pair Ethernet High Performance Protocol
Bacall Paul 1992 MSc Real Time Facket Switching Withswitch Over Times
Seri Matan 1992 MSc Capture Effect in Chnnels with Memory Multiple Access Alg
Khamisy Asad 1991 MSc Priority Queueing Systems with Markov Modulatad Arrival