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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Kedar Gil 2017 PhD Abstracts Hardware/Software Co-Design to Minimize Energy in Real-Time Systems
Zahavi Eitan 2016 PhD Abstracts Forwarding in Computer Cluster Networks
Zohar Eyal 2015 PhD Abstracts Redundancy Elimination in Networked Systems
Manevich Ran 2014 PhD Abstracts Centralized Paradigms in Network on Chip Architectures
Shifrin Mark 2014 PhD Abstracts Admission and Scheduling Control in Cloud Computing – Markov Decision Processes and Diffusion Approximations
Ben-Itzhak Yaniv 2014 PhD Abstracts Advanced Heterogeneous NoC Design
Walter Isask’har 2010 PhD Abstracts Network on Chip for Future CMP and SoC
Bortnikov Edward 2008 PhD Abstracts Dynamic Service Management in Infrastructure-Based Mobile Networks
Bolotin Evgeny 2007 PhD Abstracts Network on Chip
Gurewitz Omer 2005 PhD Abstracts Classless Network Time Synchronization and One-Way Delay Estimation
Bejerano Yigal 2000 PhD Efficient Mobility Management Schemes for Personal Communication Systems
Shavitt Yuval 1996 PhD Burst Control in High-Speed Networks
Khamisy Asad 1994 PhD Analysis of Packet Loss Processes and Message Delays In High Speed, Multi Media Networks
Belkin Alex 2019 MSc Abstracts The Risks of WebGL: Analysis, Evaluation and Detection
Polishuk Leon 2013 MSc Abstracts Latency considerations for NoC interconnection fabrics
Ben-Itzhak Yaniv 2010 MSc Abstracts Performance and Power Aware Thread Allocation for NoC CMP
Shavit Ehud 2008 MSc Abstracts Network on Chip (NoC) Topologies – A Cost-Minimization Design Approach
Gindin Roman 2008 MSc Abstracts NoC-based FPGA: Architecture and Routing
Stoian Paul 2007 MSc Abstracts User vs. Individual Flow Fairness in Communication Networks
Walter Isask’har 2006 MSc Abstracts Quality of Service in Network on-Chip
Miron Gregory Nizan 2006 MSc Abstracts Hardware Based QoS Connection Establishment Mechanism
Lavi Nadav 2005 MSc Abstracts Supporting Groupware in Mobile Networks
Unger Oren 2003 MSc Abstracts Optimal Content location in IP Multicast Based Overlay Networks
Sokhin Vitali 2001 MSc Load Balancing and Quality of Service for Distributed Web Services
Gluskin Dan 2001 MSc Hardware Oriented Resource Reservation Scheme for Integrated Networks
Halevy Yehuda 2001 MSc Dynamic Hierarchical Clustering in Link State Routing
Gurewitz Omer 2000 MSc Packet Loss Processes in Systems with Finite Buffers
Orbach Mordechi 1999 MSc A Manager-Agent System for Examination of Computer Networks
Levy Atai 1998 MSc Vicinity Routing in Large Networks
Shavitt Yuval 1992 MSc Distibuted a Lgorithms for Ring Networks