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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Shwartz Ofir 2018 PhD Abstracts The Secure Machine: Efficient Secure Execution on Untrusted Platforms
Berman Amit 2013 PhD Abstracts Non-Volatile Memory Enhancement: A Cross-Layer Approach
Liss Liran 2006 PhD Abstracts Realizing the Performance of Contemporary Parallel and Distributed Systems: Theoretical and Systems Perspectives
Kol Tomer 2008 PhD Abstracts Using Storage Space and Stored Data to Mitigate Storage and Communication Performance Bottlenecks
Zamsky Arkady 1999 PhD Approximation and Randomization in Byzantine Agreement
Bloch Noam 1999 PhD Selective Exploitation of Redundancy for Performance Enhancement in the Presence of Uncertainties
Lenchner Israel 2022 MSc Abstracts Task-Oriented Programming-Model Exploration and the ToP-C Program Checker
Vainstein Constantine 2019 MSc Abstracts Architectural and System Aspects of a SPAD-Based Muzzle Flash Detection System
Sarfati Eyal 2018 MSc Abstracts VLSI Delay Tuning by Signal Shielding
Igra Idan 2014 MSc Abstracts Constructive Conflict Resolution for Transactional Memory
Raindel Shachar 2012 MSc Abstracts Replicate and Bundle (RnB) – A Mechanism for Relieving Bottlenecks in Data Centers
Green Oded 2011 MSc Abstracts Scheduling Directives for Shared-Memory Many-Core Processsor Systems
Zdornov Vladimir 2011 MSc Abstracts Mitigating Congestion in High-Speed Interconnects for Computer Clusters
Snapy Haim 2011 MSc Abstracts Efficient Incorporation of Auxiliary Memory into a Hieraachical Memory System
Lavro Anton 2011 MSc Abstracts An EDGE Co-Processor for a RISC CPU: Architecture, Performance and Power Analysis
Fine Oren 2010 MSc Abstracts Packing – Storage Media Workload Reduction via Exploitation of Object Access Correlation
Sinyuk Konstantin 2009 MSc Abstracts User Driven Virtualization for Mobile Platforms
Fiksman Evgeny 2008 MSc Abstracts Dynamic Reconfiguration Architectures for Multi-Context FPGAs
Geller Ishay 2008 MSc Abstracts Dataflow Trace Cache (DFTC): A Dynamic Translation Processor Architecture for Power-Efficient High-Performance Execution
Zilber Erez 2007 MSc Abstracts TPT-RAID: a High Performance Box-Fault Tolerant Storage System
Levy Yoav 2007 MSc Abstracts AGrid: Semantic Model-Based Negotiating Agents as a Resource Management Infrastructure in Computer Grids
Timor Aviel 2006 MSc Abstracts Using Under-Utilized CPU Resources to Enhance its Reliability
Gendler Alexander 2005 MSc Abstracts A Multi-Prefetcher Mechanism Based on a Prefecher Assessment Buffer (PAB)
Tal Uri 2004 MSc Abstracts Power Diversity for Maximum Delay-Constrained Throughput in ALOHA Networks with Successive Decoding
Bishara Nafea’ 2003 MSc Abstracts Extending the SCSI Transport Layer with Separate Data and Control Paths for Distributed Storage- Area-Network Architectures
Bilic’ Hrvoye 2002 MSc Abstracts TCP/IP Pipelining – Improving Performance of Large Transfers over Standard Gb/s Ethernet with Unmodified Operating Systems and Applications
Revah Yoram 2002 MSc Utilization of Pawer Capture for Delay-Constrained Throughput Maximization in Multi-Channel ALOHA Networks
Baron Dror 1999 MSc Multiple Working Points and Multislot-Message Coding in Multichannel Aloha with Deadlines
Keren Yaron 1998 MSc Judicious Use of Redundancy for Improved Performance in Aloha Networks
Kol Tomer 1997 MSc Informed-Source Coding-on-Demand (Iscod) for Efficient Dispersal of Information Over a Broadcast Channel
Perets Ronen 1996 MSc A Switch Architecture for Video-on-Demand Servers
Bloch Noam 1995 MSc Operation of Nun-Bus-Oriented All-Optical Single-Hop Interconnections
Tadmor Ittai 1995 MSc Disk Performance Optimizationin a Video Server
Ghenassia Frank 1995 MSc An Adaptive Mlultimedia Presentation System and Its Underlying O.s. Support
Nachman Yaron 1995 MSc Reducing the Wireless Resource Needed for Tracking Mobile Users in Cellular Communication Networks