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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. Neri Merhav
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No of theses 33
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Tamir Ran 2021 PhD Abstracts Typical Random Codes
Weinberger Nir 2017 PhD Abstracts Large Deviations Aspects in Coding Problems
Huleihel Wasim 2016 PhD Abstracts On Relations between Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics
Reani Avraham 2016 PhD Abstracts Causal and Delay-Limited Coding in the Presence of Side Information
Kaspi Yonatan 2013 PhD Abstracts Limited Delay Source Coding in the Presence of Side Information
Sabbag Erez 2011 PhD Abstracts Topics in Channel Reliability and Error Exponent Analysis
Maor Alina 2010 PhD Abstracts Topics in Multiuser Source Coding
Cohen Asaf 2007 PhD Abstracts Topics in Scanning of Multidimensional Data
Somekh Baruch Anelia 2003 PhD Abstracts Information Theoretic Analysis of Watermarking Systems
Weissman Tsachy 2001 PhD Abstracts Universal Prediction in the Presence of Noise
Tamir Ran 2018 MSc Abstracts Error Exponents and Universal Decoders for the Asymmetric Broadcast Channel
Zeitlin Oren 2011 MSc Abstracts Error Exponents of Fixed Block Binary Messaging through DMCS
Reani Avraham 2010 MSc Abstracts Efficient On-line Schemes for Encoding Individual Sequences with Side Information at the Decoder
Kaspi Yonatan 2009 MSc Abstracts Error Exponents for Broadcast Channels with Degraded Message Sets
Akirav Yaniv 2008 MSc Abstracts Topics in Universal Coding and Decoding under Channel Uncertainty
Bukai Gilad 2007 MSc Abstracts Channel Estimation using Feedback
Keshet Guy 2006 MSc Abstracts Channel Coding in the Presence of Side Information: Subject Review
Maor Alina 2004 MSc Abstracts On joint Information Embedding and Data Compression
Sabbag Erez 2004 MSc Abstracts Large Deviations Performance of Zero-Delay Finite-Memory Lossy Source Coded and Source-Channel Codes
Berger Liat 2004 MSc Abstracts Encoding and Decoding under Channel Uncertainty
Cohen Asaf 2003 MSc Lower Bounds on the Error Probability of a Given Block Code
Litichever Zeev 2002 MSc Abstracts Classification of Transition Sounds with Application to Speech Recognition
Chen Ilan 2002 MSc Abstracts The Thershold Effect in the Estimation of Chaotic Sequences
Levitan Evgeny 2001 MSc A Universal Approach to Hypothesis Testing with Applications
Shamir Gil 1997 MSc Universal Coding for Classes of Nonstationary Sources
Erlich Yossi 1996 MSc On Hmm Based Speech Recognition Using Mce Approach
Stein Jeremy Martin 1995 MSc Universal Delay Estimation for Discrete Channels
Zelig David 1995 MSc Rake Receiver in Severe Intersymbol Interference Conditions
Korman Ronen 1995 MSc Design of Power Limited Signals for Mismatched Gaussian Channels
Shatz Amir 1994 MSc Robvst Techniqes in Speech Recogn Tion
Hirshberg David 1993 MSc Robust Methods for Model Order Estimation
Shevach Ronen 1993 MSc Handwritten Character Recogniton Using a Hidden Markov Mode
Gureshnik Eran 1993 MSc Methods of Desiging Combined Source-Channel Coders with