PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Reuven Karni
No of theses 29
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Molcho Gila 2004 PhD Abstracts Dynamic Business Process Modeling of Knowledge Processes
Kaner Maya 2004 PhD Abstracts Project Knowledge Management Using Hierarchical Case Retrieval Networks
Rabinovitz Miriam 2002 PhD Abstracts Dynamic Business Process Modeling of High-Tech Startup Enterprises
Reisin-Fournier Fabiana 1998 PhD Scheduling with Learning Capabilities
Arzi Yohanan 1991 PhD Scheduling Regimes in a Flexible Manufacturing Cell Within
Ratner Tatiana 2007 MSc Abstracts Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the Management of Call Center Waiting Lines
Lincoln Maya 2003 MSc Abstracts A Generic Framework for Business Process Models of Industrial Enterprises
Kasif Liat 2002 MSc Abstracts Enterprise Knowledge Process Modeling
Shalev Smadar 2001 MSc Approaches to Fostering Creativity in Conceptual Design
Gordon Ruti 2000 MSc Knowledge Management in a Project Environment
Kaner Maya 1999 MSc A Generic Description of Operations Systems
Grinshpun Renata 1999 MSc An Expert System for Analyzing Financial Indexes
Beger Faina 1997 MSc Stochastic Models of Assembly Lines
Itai Nadav 1997 MSc Mrp as a Supplementary Tool for Hospital Management
Kurchik Anna 1996 MSc Learning Based Fms Scheduling
Lukash Svetlana 1995 MSc Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Provad Michael 1995 MSc Expert System Architecture for Project Planning and Manageme
Belikoff Simon 1994 MSc Interval Methods in Engineering Design
Reisin-Fournier Fabiana 1993 MSc Knowledge Extraction from Databases
Budman-Hayeems Ilona 1993 MSc Intelligent Scheduling Techniques in Flexible Manufacturing
Shtal Yoav 1992 MSc Improvements in Mrp Scheduling
Or Ofer 1991 MSc Efficiency Cf the Interrogation Process in Expert Systems
Givon Mgir 1991 MSc Maintenance Shipyard Work Planning Using An Expert System
Kaniel Orit 1990 MSc Intelligent Querg Support
Malkevich Yanina 1990 MSc Validation of Expert Systems
Chvaicer Jose 1989 MSc Robot Programming-a Model for Evaluating the on Line Vs Off
Gal-Tzur Ayelet 1989 MSc An Expert System for Automated Production Control
Menahem Abraham 1995 MSc Improvement of Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System
Regev Ran 1990 MSc Expect Systems Applications in Quality Electronic Industry