PhD and MSc Theses

PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor PROF. A. Zonnenshain
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No of theses 21
Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Hari Amihud 2001 PhD Abstracts Integrated Customer Driven Conceptual Design Methodology
Naveh Eitan 1995 PhD A Development and Implementation of a Model of Total Quality in the Individual, Team and Organizational Level
Batan Inbar 2017 MSc Abstracts Enhancing Model- Based System Engineering With Model Informativity Analysis
Shabtay Michal 2010 MSc Abstracts Assessment of Projects Success in an Adaptive Project Management Approach
Amir Neta 2005 MSc Abstracts “Learning from Yesterday to be Preparing for Tomorrow”: The Conditions Under which After Act Reviews (AAR) and the Lesson Learning Process are Effective
Link Sharon 2005 MSc Abstracts Standardization and Discretion: Conditions under which Implementation of the ISO 14000 Standard Leads to Performance Improvement
Benmoshe Alon 2019 MSc Abstracts Measurement of Structural Complexity and Functional Complexity in Mechanical Design
Ben-Yehuda Tomer 2016 MSc Abstracts Evaluating Complicatedness in Mechanical Design
Shternberg Liora 2005 MSc Abstracts A Model for the Evaluation of Internal Quality Audits Effectiveness
Volovski Levana 2001 MSc methodology for comparison of publications on worldwide quality programs
Mayerowicz Lior 1999 MSc Safety Management Is Based on Quality Management Priniciples
Bashan Eliahu 1997 MSc Quality Management Tools – Methodology for Implementation in Cyclone Aviation Product Ltd
Rozen Aharon 1996 MSc Measurement of Quality and Productivity in Public Service
Ziony Zecharia 1996 MSc Implementation of Poor Quality Cost System as a Managerial Control Tool
Lev Edward 1995 MSc Inplementation of Tqm Techniques in the Project Departmentof Israel Electric Corporation
Hari Amihud 1993 MSc Application of Quality Function Deployment (Ofd) in Complex
Galbinsky Jeannette 1992 MSc A Tool for Reliability Emrovement Warranty Delisions
Naveh Eitan 1991 MSc Quality Improvement Plan for An Assemblies Overhauling Plan
Zidon Isaac 1991 MSc Reliability Growth of Advanced Armament Systems
Kollan Haim 1990 MSc Reliability Ajpects in Contracts
Rosin Abraham 1989 MSc Reliability and Maintainability Aspects of Built-in Test