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PhD and MSc Theses, since 1988

Advisor Dr. Herman Wolosker
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No of theses 13
Department Medicine
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Student’s Name Graduation Year Degree Abstracts Research Name
Kaplan Eitan 2021 PhD Abstracts Role of the Amino Acid Transporters ASCT1 and ASCT2 in Glia-Neuron Metabolic Crosstalk
Neame Samah 2019 PhD Abstracts A Phgdh-Dependent Serine-Glycine Shuttle between Glia and Neurons Regulates NMDA Receptor Activity
Safory Hazem 2019 PhD Abstracts The Asc-1 Transporter Regulates Glycine/D-Serine Metabolism and Glycinergic Inhibitory Neurotransmission in Motor Neurons: Implications for Hyperekplexia Disorders
Sason-Bauer Hagit 2015 PhD Abstracts Role of the Brain Transporters Asc-1 and ASCT1 in D-Serine Homeostasis; Synaptic Activity and Behavior
Dikopoltsev Elena 2015 PhD Abstracts Regulation of D-serine Signaling: Focus on Serine Racemase Enzyme
Kolodney Goren 2014 PhD Abstracts Apoptotic Dysregulation of D-Serine Dynamics: Implications for Neurodegeneration –
Rosenberg Dina 2014 PhD Abstracts D-Serine Release through Asc-1 Transporter and its Role in Synaptic Activity
Balan Livia 2010 PhD Abstracts Mechanisms Inactivation of D-Serine Synthesis by NMDA Receptor-Elicited Translocation of Serine Racemase to the Membrane
Shleper Maria 2008 PhD Abstracts Role of D-serine Release in Neuronal Cell Death Mediated by NMDA Receptor Activation
Dumin Elena 2008 PhD Abstracts Protein-Interactors of Serine Racemase and Their Role in Regulating Brain D-serine Levels
Kartvelishvily Elena 2007 PhD Abstracts Identification of a Neuronal Pool of D-Serine and its Role in NMDA Receptor Regulation
Sitry-Shevah Danielle 2007 PhD Abstracts Mechanisms of Degradation of p27 and their Control in the Cell Cycle
Bendikov Inna 2006 MSc Abstracts Mechanism of Synthesis and Degradation of Neuromodulator D-Serine