COVID19 Information

Updated Exams/Labs Schedule for 2019-20 Spring Semester

General information

Due to the COVID19 pandemic and the changes implemented during the semester because of it, a change to the semester schedule regarding exams and lab makeup was approved on 10.5.2020.

The Schedule will be as follows:

2019-20 SPRING Semester “Moed A” 3.7-14.8.2020
2019-20 FALL Semester “Moed B” 18.8-28.2.2020
Labs MakeUp 30.8-14.9.2020
BREAK 15.9-16.9.2020
2019-20 SPRING Semester “Moed B” 17.9-23.10.2020
Note: Under certain conditions an online Summer Semester will be possible between 12.8-16.9.2020

Return to work in Labs

Returning to work in labs under ‘purple Badge” guidelines