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Student Name Graduation Year Advisors Abstarcts Research Name
Kostic Lana 2019 Yaron Fuchs Abstracts Regeneration and Healing by Apoptotic Signaling
Golan Maor Yarden 2019 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts The Role of ZnT2 in Zinc Homeostasis under Pathological and Physiological Conditions
Eid Mutlak Yara 2019 Shenhav Cohen Abstracts Novel Signaling Hub of Insulim Receptor, Dystrophin Glycoprotein Complex and Plakoglobin Regulates Muscle Size
Maidanik Ilia 2019 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Population Dynamics of T7-like Cyanophages and their Hosts in the Gulf of Eilat, Red Sea
Leshem Jasmin 2019 Yoram Reiter, Ira Harry Pastan, Abstracts Combining Immunotoxin with Immune Check Point Inhibitors
Lee Won Dong 2019 Tomer Shlomi Abstracts Characterization of Cancer Metabolism at Subcellular Level: An Integrated Experimental-Computational Approach
Maniv Inbal 2019 Michael Glickman, Aaron Ciechanover, Abstracts The Role of UBB+1 in The Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
Hevroni Gur 2019 Oded Beja Abstracts From Unique Genes to Seasonal and Diel Patterns: A Metagenomic Study of Marine Viruses
Rudnizky Sergei 2018 Ariel Kaplan, Philippa Melamed, Abstracts Single-Molecule Studies of Transcription Regulation: Insights from the LH Genes
Zhitomirsky Binyamin 2018 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts The Role of Lysosomes in Cancer Multidrug Resistance
Khwaja Aya 2018 Akram Alian Abstracts Molecular Basis for Vif Chaperoning in the E3-Ligase Mediated Degradation of APOBEC3
Zananiri Rani 2018 Ariel Kaplan, Arnon Henn, Abstracts Ensemble and Single Molecule Studies of DNA Unwinding by RecBCD
Zalts Harel 2018 Roy Kishony, Itai Yanai, Abstracts Developmental Constraints and the Evolution of Embryonic Development
Tayeb-Fligelman Einav 2018 Meytal Landau Abstracts New Structures-Activity Paradigms for Amyloids from Pathogenic Microbes
Avital Gal 2018 Roy Kishony, Itai Yanai, Abstracts Understanding Gene Regulatory Programs Involving Non Poly-A Transcripts in Dynamic Processes
Fischer-Weinberger Renana 2018 Michael Glickman, Dan Zilberstein, Abstracts A Divergent Regulatory Subunit of PKA has a Role in Leishmania Development
Fridman Anna 2017 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Study of MHC Class II Epitope Presentation with Antibodies that Mimic TCR Specificity
Friedlander-Shani Lilach 2017 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Mechanisms Underlying Plant Steroid Hormone Control of Root Meristem Size
Galilee Meytal 2017 Akram Alian Abstracts Structure-Function Studies Reveal Novel Hot-Spots in Proteins Crucial for HIV-1 Replication
Hod Marco Moran 2017 Yoram Reiter, Michal Besser, Abstracts System Analysis of the Functional Fate of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes
Mruwat Noor 2017 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Quantitative Determination of the Extent of Cyanobacterial Infection by Cyanophages at the Single-Cell Level Using a Solid-Phase PCR Method
Haddad-Halloun Jumana 2017 Dina Ron Abstracts The Role of the Tumor Suppressor, Sef, in Human Epidermis Development and Epidermal Neoplasia
Nadar Ponniah Prathamesh T. 2016 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts Linking Histone Demethylation with RNA: Studying the Biological Functions of KDM4D-RNA Interactions
Awwad Samah 2019 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts A Spotlight on Genomic Stability: Characterizing Novel Regulators of DNA Damage Repair
Kligun Efrat 2016 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts A Computational Approach to Study RNA Recognition by Small Ligands and Proteins
Volodin Alexandra 2019 Shenhav Cohen Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Fasting
Pushkarev Alina 2019 Oded Beja Abstracts The Search for New Ways to Harvest Light using Functional Metagenomics
Shraibman Bracha 2019 Arie Admon Abstracts Toward Development of Personalized Immunotherapy and Early Detection for Glioblastoma
Greenman Raanan 2019 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Studying the Biophysical Properties that Shape Functional Output of Engineered Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T Cells
Shneyer Boris 2018 Arnon Henn Abstracts New Function for the Actin-Based Molecular Motor Myo19 in Mitochondrial Motility and Filopodia Formation
Gaydar Vera 2016 Arnon Henn Abstracts Unique Enzymatic Adaptation for the Super Fast RecBCD DNA Helicase
Flores-Uribe Jose 2019 Oded Beja Abstracts Characterization of Ocean Metagenomes: from Phages to Proteins
Senitzki Alon 2018 Tali Haran Abstracts DNA Structural Flexibility and the Mechanism of P53 Binding to its Target Sites
Korsensky Lina 2018 Dina Ron Abstracts Regulation of Sef Protein Levels and Activity
Schwartz Daniel 2017 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Genetic Hurdles Limit the Arms Race between Prochlococcus and the T7-like Podoviruses Infecting Them
Russ Dor 2018 Roy Kishony, Oded Beja, Abstracts Bacterial Response to Multitude of Effectors, in Nature and in the Lab
Yelin Idan 2017 Roy Kishony, Oded Beja, Abstracts Microbial Evolution in Real-Time: Identification of Selective Agents and of Evolvability Determinants
Fridman Yulia 2016 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Growth Control by Brassinosteroid Perception in Two Neighboring Cell-Types Composing the Root Epidermis
Yair-Sabag Shira 2018 Arie Admon Abstracts The Role of HLA-B27 Peptidome in Ankylosing Spondylitis
Vyas Pratik 2017 Tali Haran Abstracts The Interactions of Wild-Type p53 with its Response Elements: the Role of Sequence Spacers in p53/DNA Interactions
Haramati Ofir 2017 Yoav Arava Abstracts Role of Puf Proteins in the Yeast Response to High Calcium
Chayut Noam 2016 Shimon Gepstein, Joseph Burger, Yaakov Tadmor, Abstracts Characterization of the Orange Gene Regulatory Network in Cucumis Melo for Carotenoid Biofortification in Food Crops
Fridman Svetlana 2017 Oded Beja, Debbie Lindell, Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of a Cyanophage Carrying Photosystem I Genes
Fedida Ayalla 2016 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in the Response of Marine Cyanobacteria to Viral Infection
Melamed Kadosh Dganit 2016 Arie Admon Abstracts Phosphoproteomic Analysis of the MAPK Signaling Cascades
Rayzner Adi 2016 Shimon Gepstein, Benjamin Horwitz, Eli Khayat, Abstracts Involvement of the Enzyme DHS and the Translation Initiation Factor eIF5A in Programmed Cell Death and the Relation of these Proteins to Resistance to Sigatoka …
Golan Yelena 2015 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts The Role of Cytokinins in Abiotic Stress Tolerance
Zoabi Muhammad 2016 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts High-Throughput Mapping of the Non-Histone Substrates and the RNA Interacting Molecules of KDM4 Lysine Demethylases
Dror Iris 2015 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts New Computational Approaches to Study Protein-Nucleic Acid Recognition
Cohen Hagai 2016 Gadi Schuster, Rachel Amir, Abstracts Elucidation of the Regulatory Metabolic Networks Involved in Methionine Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis Thaliana Seeds
Lesnik Chen 2015 Yoav Arava Abstracts Role of Cytosolic Chaperones in Co-Translational Targeting to Yeast Mitochondria
Khoury Hanan 2015 Nabieh Ayoub Abstracts Characterizing New Players in Safeguarding Human Genome Integrity
Haif Sasha 2016 Dina Ron Abstracts Mapping Sef Domains Required for Inhibition of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Signaling
Schlisselberg Doreen 2015 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Assessment of the Regulatory Role of LdAAP24 N-terminus in Proline and Alanine Transport
Mansour Wissam 2015 Michael Glickman, Akram Alian, Abstracts Modifying the Modifier: Recognition and Processing of Ubiquitin at the Proteasome
Gurevich Sylvia 2016 Michael Glickman, Gunnar Dittmar, Abstracts Rub1, a Ubiquitin-Like Modifier, is also a Ubiquitin Modifier
Yu Zanlin 2015 Michael Glickman, Elah Pick, Abstracts Proteasome Lid Subunit Rpn11: Allocation of Functions to its C- and N-Terminal Regions
Ben-Simhon Zohar 2016 Oded Beja, Doron Holland, Abstracts Studying the Genetic-Molecular Components that are Responsible for Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)
Bourdetsky Dmitry 2015 Arie Admon Abstracts The Contribution of the DRiPome to the HLA Peptides
Beno Itai 2015 Tali Haran Abstracts The Molecular Basis of Differential Binding of Wild Type P53 to its Target Sites
Levy Shiri 2015 Gadi Schuster Abstracts LACTB2,a Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Protein,is a Novel Endoribonuclease Located in the Mitochondria
Bavli-Kertselli Ira 2015 Yoav Arava Abstracts Translation Regulation upon Glucose Depletion and eIF5 Involvement in this Response
Enav Hagay 2015 Oded Beja, Yael Mandel-Gutfreun, Abstracts Viral Adaptation to Different Hosts in the Marine Environment
Halpert Michal 2014 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Exploring the Exo-and Endonucleolytic Activities of RNase J as a Key Player in Chloroplast RNA Degradation
Altman Efrat 2014 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Antigen-Specific Immunomodulation for Multiple Sclerosis Mediated by Recombinant Antibodies Recognizing Auto-Reactive T Cell Epitope
Vragovic Kristina 2017 Sigal Savaldi-Goldste Abstracts Translatome Profiling Captures Tissue-Specific Steroid Signals Controlling Root Growth
Trushina Naomi 2014 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Gene Expression in Response to pH Signals in Mycoparasitic Interactions of Trichoderma virens
Philosof Alon 2016 Oded Beja Abstracts A Day in the Life of the Red-Sea: A Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Analysis
Habib Mouna 2016 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Identification and Characterization of the Ribonucleolytic Activity of P53
Avni Avishai 2016 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Cytokinins’ Role in Conferring Stress Tolerance in Tobacco Plants
Hryshkevich Uladzislau 2013 Itai Yanai Abstracts Evolutionary Genomics and Transcriptomics
Shimoni Einav 2015 Shimon Gepstein, Joseph Burger, Yaakov Tadmor, Abstracts Genetic Regulation of High beta-Carotene Accumulation in Melon Fruit
Raz Shachar 2015 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Molecular Mechanisms Regulating the Expression and Subcellular Localization of Folylpoly-Gamma- Glutamate Synthetase (FPGS) in Folate Metabolism and Antifolate…
Raveh-Barak Hadas 2015 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Structure-Function Analysis of the Cell-Fusion Protein EFF-1
Levin Michal 2013 Itai Yanai Abstracts Comparative Transcriptomics of Nematode Development
Shalaby Samer 2015 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts The Maize Pathogen Cochliobolus heterostrophus Uses Plant Aromatic Compounds as Metabolites and Stress Signals
Goldman Adele 2014 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Arginine Availability Pathway in Leishmania Donovani
Bodaker Idan 2013 Oded Beja Abstracts “Fishing in the Dead Sea”: Environmental Microbial Genomics and Ecological Diversity of the Dead Sea Inhabitants
Pardoviz-Kedmi Ella 2013 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Development and Gene Expression in Trichoderma Virens: Insights into Biocontrol-Related Signaling Pathways
Shoshan Stacy 2012 Arie Admon Abstracts Early Diagnosis of Cancer Using Serological Proteomics
Avrani Sarit 2012 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Resistance of Marine Cyanobacteria to Cyanophage Infection: An Experimental Evolution Approach
Goler-Baron Vicky 2012 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts ABCG2-Rich Extracellular Vesicles: a Determinant of MDR and Targeted Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer
Ronen Mordechai 2012 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts The Encounter of Cochliobolus Heterostrophus with its Host: The Role of Oxidative Systems in Necrotrophic Infection by a Plant Pathogen
Feingersch Roi 2011 Oded Beja Abstracts Environmental Genomics of Eastern Mediterranean
Wolchinsky Ron 2011 Arie Admon, Yoram Reiter, Abstracts Study of Antigen Density-Dependent Hyporesponsiveness in CD8+ Memory T-Cells
Sinik Keren 2011 Michael Glickman, Yoram Reiter, Abstracts Study of Antigen Processing and Presentation by Constitutive and Immuno-Proteasomes
Levi-Tal Sharon 2011 Dan Cassel Abstracts Golgi-Associated ArfGAPs: Characterization of Targeting Determinants and Interaction Partners
Eliyahu Erez 2011 Yoav Arava Abstracts Factors Involved in mRNA Localization to the Mitochondria
Kertesz Rosenfeld Karin 2011 Haim Manor, Yoav Arava, Abstracts Mapping of DNA Binding Sites in Tetrahymena Telomerase Holoenzyme Proteins by Mass Spectrometry
Bram Airon (Eran) 2010 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying ABCG2-Dependent Multi-Drug Resistance in Cancer
Leboucher Guillaume 2010 Michael Glickman, Allan Weissman, Abstracts The Ubiquitin System as a Determinant of Mitochondrial Function and Morphology
Banner Idit 2010 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Development of Resistant Plants against Abiotic Stresses Containing Controlled System of Cytokinin Biosynthesis
Szwarcwort-Cohen Moran 2010 Yona Kassir Abstracts The Role of Yeast Ime2 and Human Cdk2 in Regulating the Mitotic and Meiotic Cycles
Zafir-Lavie Inbal 2010 Yoram Reiter, Menashe Zaaroor, Abstracts Glioblastoma Multiforme Microenvironment: Immune Response and Antibody Mediated Targeting
Inbar Ehud 2010 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Functional Genomics of Amino Acid Permeases in Leishmania donovani: The Story of Proline and Lysine
Yeheskely-Hayon Daniella 2010 Gera Eytan Abstracts The Role of Intracellular Binding of Chemotherapeutic Drugs in Drug Uptake and MDR
Preger Ella 2009 Reshef Ram Abstracts Creating Borders during Embryonic Development: Molecular Mechanisms that Govern the Formation of the Anterior Border of the Kidney Morphogenetic Field
Slomovic Shimyn 2009 Gadi Schuster Abstracts The Double-Edged Role of RNA Polyadenylation in Human Cells; a Time to Live, a Time to Die
Bassani Sternberg Michal 2009 Arie Admon Abstracts A Novel Methodology for Cancer Diagnosis Based on Analysis of the Serum Soluble HLA Peptidome
Eldad Segal Naama 2009 Yoav Arava Abstracts Identification and Characterization of Novel Associations with the mRNA 3′ Untranslated Region
Zisman-Rozen Simona 2009 Dina Ron Abstracts Modulation of Cell Growth and Differentiation by Perlecan and Sef
Schein Aleks 2008 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Analyzing Key Players in the Chloroplast RNA Degradation Process
Ben-Yosef Ron 2008 Haim Manor Abstracts Characterization of the Function of the Protein Translin in the Yeast Schizosaccaromyces pombe
Lahav Tamar 2008 Dan Zilberstein, Hanne Volpin, Abstracts Multiple Level of Gene Regulation Mediate Differenitation of the Intracellular Pathogen Leishmania donovani
Makler Friedner Oryan 2008 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Studying Antigen Presentation of Viral T-Cells Epitopes Using Recombinant TCR-like Antibodies
Klechevsky Eynav 2007 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Targeting Tumor Cells and Dendritic Cells for Passive and Active Immunotherapy of Cancer
Stark Michal 2007 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Transcriptional Silencing of the Reduced Folate Carrier as a Novel Mechanism of Antifolate Resistance
Tsahar Ella 2007 Zeev Arad, Ido Izhaki, Carlos Martinez Del Ri, Abstracts Protein Balance in Birds: Physiological Mechanisms and Ecological Consequences
Rinkevich Yuval 2007 Reshef Ram Abstracts Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Whole Body Regeneration in Botrylloides leachi from Blood Vessel Fragments
Noy Roy 2006 Yoram Reiter Abstracts New Approaches to Immunotherapy; Targeting MHC-Peptide Complexes to Tumor Cells
Yutin Natalya 2006 Oded Beja Abstracts Diversity and Biogeography of Marine Aerobic Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria
Degani Ofir 2005 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts G Protein and MAPK Pathways in the Maize Pathogen Cochliobolus heterostrophus: Signaling for Gene Expression, Development and Virulence
Dassau Lior 2005 Arie Admon Abstracts Identification of Peptides Antigens for Immunotherapy of Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Gattegn0 Tamar 2004 Gera Eytan, Benjamin Podbilewicz, Abstracts Isolation and Characterization of Cell-Fusion Mutants in C. Elegans
Faiger Hana 2004 Tali Haran Abstracts The Mechanism of Protein/DNA Structural Recognition in the Model System of TATA Binding Protein/TATA-Box Interaction
Kivity Vered 2004 Michael Glickman Abstracts Identification and Characterization of the COP9 Signalosome in S. cerevisiae and Comparison to Homologous Subunits in the Proteasome
Binyamin Liat 2004 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Targeting Human Multidrug Resistance Protein 1(MRP1) with Recombinant Antibodies
Ben-Naim Orna 2003 Eliezer Lifschytz Abstracts Induction of Flowering by Light in Tomato: The Role of the CONSTANS System in Day-Neutral Plants
Haviv Yonit 2003 Haim Manor Abstracts Studies on the Mechanism of Telomeric DNA Extension by Telomerase
Yehudai-Resheff Shlomit 2003 Gadi Schuster Abstracts The Molecular Mechanism of mRNA Polyadenylation and Degradation in the Chloroplast
Szafer Glusman Iliana Edith 2003 Dan Cassel Abstracts Role of ArfGAP1 in the COPI Transport System
Barak Efrat 2002 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Assessment of the Promastigote to Amastigote Differentiation Process in the Protozoan Leishmania donovani
Guttmann-Raviv Noga 2002 Yona Kassir Abstracts The Role of IME2 in Meiosis in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Tsigankov Polina 2014 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Phosphoproteomic and Molecular Analysis of Leishmania donovani Development
Savulescu Dana 2013 Philippa Melamed Abstracts The Role of Prohibitin in GnRH-Induced Cell Death in Gonadotropes
Regev Issachar 2002 Shimon Gepstein, Eli Khayat, Abstracts Genetic Approaches for Gene Tagging and Isolation of Functional Genes in Triploid Banana Plants as Means for Biotechnological Applications
Lasri-Reish Inbal 2013 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Human Diseases Based on Mutations in the Membrane Transporters PCFT (SLC46A1) and ZnT-2 (SLC30A2): The Molecular Basis Underlying the Inherited…
Chapovetsky Victoria 2002 Uri Katz Abstracts Characterization of Stress Response (HSP) in Toads at Differential Experimental Conditions
Oren Ravit 2012 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Redirecting T Cell with Chimeric Receptors Composed of T Cell Receptor-like Antibodies toward the Tumor Derived Antigen WT1 Presented on MHC Complex
Drucker-Gonen Nitzan 2012 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts The Key Role of the Proton-Coupled Folate Transporter (PCFT/SLC46A1) in Folate Homeostasis and Antifolate Resistance
Kotlyar Alina 2001 Gadi Schuster Abstracts RNA-Binding Proteins Involved in Chloroplast Gene Expression
Alperovitch Ariella 2011 Oded Beja Abstracts Photosystem I and II Genes in Marine Cyanophage Genomes
Ganem Sherif 2001 Gadi Schuster, Benjamin Horwitz, Abstracts GB, RGS Family Members and the G Protein Signaling Pathway of the Maize Pathogenic Fungus Cochliobolus Heterostrophus
Livnat-Levanon Nurit 2011 Michael Glickman Abstracts Relationship between the Ubiquitin System and Mitochondria
Artzy-Schnirman Arbel 2011 Uri Sivan, Yoram Reiter, Abstracts The Bio-Electronic Synapse: Electrical Control over Biological Processes by Molecular Recognition of an Electronic Device
Parnis Anna 2001 Eliezer Lifschytz Abstracts Tkn2- an Essential Gene in Plant Development: Molecular Analysis of Its Mechanism of Action
David Eden Hilda 2010 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Computational Approaches for Identifying Novel Drug Binding Sites on the Ribosome
Kislitsin Dmitry 2001 Ze’ev Lev, Aaron Lerner, Abstracts Utilization of Ki-ras Mutations for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
Rosenzweig Rina 2010 Michael Glickman Abstracts Pinpointing Molecular Interactions with and within the Base Subcomplex of the 26S Proteasome
Dahan Rony 2010 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Antibodies against Auto Reactive T cell Epitopes: Study of Autoimmune-Associated Antigens Presented by MHC Class II Molecules
Boger Nadjar Elisabeth 2001 Yona Kassir Abstracts Regulation of DNA Replication in Mitosis and Meiosis in the Budding Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Melamed Daniel 2009 Yoav Arava Abstracts Regulation of mRNA Translation by Signaling Pathways in S.cerevisiae
Shmoely Marva 2001 Zeev Arad, Gadi Katzir, Abstracts Comparative Ontogenesis of the Pygmy Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) and the Great Cormorant (P. carbo sinensis): Morphometry and Energetics
Katzir Hagar 2009 Gera Eytan Abstracts Cellular Pharmacokinetics of Anticancer Drugs
Oved Kfir 2009 Yoram Reiter Abstracts T-Cells Regulation: From a single cell to a Systems View of Heterogeneous Populations
Benjamin Sima 2000 Haim Manor Abstracts Mapping of Telomerase-Primer DNA Complexes by Interference Footprinting
Kagan )Dulkina( Juliana 2008 Oded Beja, Jonathan Kuhn, Abstracts Tryptophan Biosynthesis Genes in Stringent Environments
Rubin-Bejerano Ifat 2000 Yona Kassir Abstracts The Regulation of the Activity of the Meiotic Transcriptional Activator Ime1 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Portnoy Victoria 2008 Gadi Schuster Abstracts The Interplay between Polyadenylation and Degradation of RNA in the Three Domains of Life
Barak Hila 2007 Reshef Ram Abstracts Characterization of the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms that Govern the Formation of the Kidney Morphogenetic Field
Pick Elah 1999 Dan Cassel Abstracts Molecular Characterization of the Catalytic Domain in ARF GAP Proteins
Matiuhin Yulia 2007 Michael Glickman, Aaron Ciechanover, Abstracts Filtering Access of Cargo-delivery Proteins to the Proteasome
Amin Sigal 1999 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Assessment of Differentiation Processes in Axenic Culture of the Intracellular Parasite Leishmania Donovani
Zeidner Gil 2006 Oded Beja Abstracts Molecular Diversity among Photosynthetic Marine Picoplankton and Associated Bacteriophages
Herzog Yael 2005 Gera Neufeld Abstracts Neuropilins and their Role in Blood Vessel Development
Gengrinovitch Stela 1998 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Mechanism of Action of the Angiogenesis Inhibitor Platelet Factor-4
Shaked-Mishan Pninit 2004 Dan Zilberstein, Moshe Ephros, Abstracts Functional Genomics of Amino Acid Permeases in Leishmania: Gene Cloning and Functional Characterization
Amar Orit 1998 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Expression of Cytokinin Responsive Genes in Cucumber Seedlings
Rozman Alexander 2004 Uri Katz Abstracts Control and Localization of Chloride Conductance in Amphibian Skin Epithelium
Denkberg-Frenkel Galit 2003 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Study of Antigen Presentation by Tumor Cells and Development of Novel Targeting Agents Using Recombinant Antibodies with T-cell Receptor-like Specificity
Lisitsky Irina 1998 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression in the Chloroplast Polyadenylation and Degradation of MRNA in the Chloroplast In the Chloroplast
Akiri Gal 2003 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Role of Lysyl Oxidase Related Protein-1 (LOR-1) in Breast Cancer Progression
Cukierman Edna 1997 Dan Cassel Abstracts Molecular Characterization of an ARF Directed GTPase Activating Protein
Mazareb Salam 2002 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Developmentally Regulated Proline Transporters in leishmania donovani
Rankevich Dinah 1997 Zeev Arad Abstracts Genetic Variation and Resistance to Desiccation in Populations of Landsnails on the Southern and Northern Slopes of “Nahal Oren”
Shemer Gideon 2002 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Cell Fusion and Organogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Robzyk Kenneth 1997 Yona Kassir Abstracts Transcriptional Regulation of the IME1 Gene in Yeast
Baran Nava 2001 Haim Manor Abstracts Novel Features of the Mechanism of Telomere Extension by Telomerase
Shenhar Galit 2001 Yona Kassir Abstracts Transcriptional Regulation of IMEI, the Master Regulator of Meiosis in Budding Yeast
Adir Vardit 2000 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts The Function of the adm-2 Gene in the Development of the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Gur Doron 1996 Yechiel Shalitin Abstracts The Differences in the Kinetic Properties of the Cholinesterases from Various Sources
Bareket-Samish Avital 1999 Tali Haran Abstracts Structural Aspects of the DNA Molecule: Sequence Dependent Structure and Structural Recognition of DNA by Proteins in the Tryptophan Repressor/ Operator System
Borgnia Mario 1996 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Molecular Interaction of P-Glycoprotein with Peptide Ionophores: Mechanistic Implications
Labay Valentina 1998 Yehuda Assaraf Abstracts Multiclonal Characterization of Drug-Resistance Mechanisms to Antimitotic Anticancer Drugs of the Taxol Family
Cohen-Barak Orit 1998 Eliezer Lifschytz Abstracts The DUTPase Promoter: Identification of Meristematic Responsive Elements and Isolation of a New Transcription Factor by the One-Hybrid System
Saar Yehoshua 1995 Dan Zilberstein Abstracts Differentiation of Leishmania Donovani Promastigotes to Amastigotes in Culture: Physiological and Biochemical Characterization
Hajouj Omar 1997 Yechiel Shalitin Abstracts Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies on the Stability of Modified Chymotrypsin under Various Denaturation Conditions
Douek Jacob 1995 Haim Manor Abstracts Cloning and Characterization of a Gene Encoding a Protein which Selectively Binds Single Stranded Polypyrimidine Tracts in DNA and RNA
Michlis Regina 1996 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Characterization of a New Heat Shock Protein in Oat Chloroplasts
Tessler Shoshanna 1995 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Interaction of VEGF Various Isoformes and the Flk-1 Receptor
Ezer Sini-Tellervo 1995 Ze’ev Lev Abstracts Molecular and Developmental Characterization of Three Genes Clustered in the Ras1 Region of Drosophila Melanogaster
Shlissel Meir 1995 Haim Manor Abstracts Control of Polyomavirus DNA Replication by Transcription Factors
Sahar Dvora 1994 Ze’ev Lev Abstracts Analysis of Activated Ras1 Expression in Drosophila Transgenic Stocks
Hurwitz Charles 1994 Eliezer Lifschytz Abstracts The Regulatory Role of the Polyphenol Oxidase Gene in Meristematic Development: Analysis of Suppression and Over Expression in Transgenic Tomato Plants
Donner Ita 1994 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Choloroplast Development and Senescence in Rose and Petunia Petals
Lamdan Netta-Li 2015 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Secretome of the Biocontrol Fungus Trichoderma Virens Co-Cultured with Maize Roots: Role in Induced Systemic Resistance
Zehavi Deganit 1994 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Identification and Analysis of Leaf Senescence Specific Proteins
Modai Hod Ronit 2014 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Identifying Functional Sites in Proteins Using a Multilevel Alphabet
Goldin Svetlana 2013 Haim Manor, Yoav Arava, Abstracts Tracing the Path of Telomeric DNA in Active Tetrahymena Telomerase Holoenzyme Complexes: Mapping of DNA Contact Sites in the RNA Subunit
Halachmi Naomi 1994 Ze’ev Lev Abstracts Characterization of the Ras2 and Rop Gene Products In the Fruit Fly Drosophila Melanogaster
Wijeweera Andrea 2013 Philippa Melamed Abstracts GnRH Regulates Gonadotropin Subunit Gene Transcription Through its Effects on Chromatin
Samach Alon 1993 Eliezer Lifschytz Abstracts Threonine Deaminase – a Major Protein of the Tomato Flower: Identification and Characterization of the Coding And Regulatory Regions
Samuni-Blank Michal 2013 Zeev Arad, Ido Izhaki, Abstracts The Ecophysiological Response to Secondary Metabolites in Fruits: Seed Predators versus Seed Dispersers
Soker Shay 1993 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Involvment of Heparin and Heparin-Like Molecules in the Interaction between VEGF and Specific cell-Surface Receptor
Oren Meital 2012 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Mechanisms of Neuronal Branching
Elaad Shlomit 1993 David Gershon (Deceased) Abstracts Studies on the Response Capacitiy of Human Monocytes and Mac
Ziv-Uziel Inbal 2011 Michael Glickman Abstracts Proteomic Investigation of the Conjugated Ubiquitin Landscape
Baum Dorit 1993 Benjamin Horwitz Abstracts Developmental Modulation of Gene Expression During Blue Light Induced Sporulation of Trichoderma
Kahana Smadar 2011 Yona Kassir Abstracts A New Role for Kss1/Fus3 MAPK Cascade in Regulating Meiosis
Peretz David 1993 Gera Neufeld Abstracts The Effect of Growth Factors Opon Tumor Development
Eliahoo Elad 2011 Haim Manor, Amnon Harel, Abstracts Studies on the Structure and Function of the Protein Translin in Schizosaccharomyces Pombe
Kirzner Shay 2015 Debbie Lindell Abstracts Different Infection Properties of Two Distinct T7-like Podoviruses Infecting the Marine Synechococcus Strain WH8109
Shazman Shula 2011 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Computational Approaches for Characterizing Protein-Nucleic-Acid Binding
Milner Elena 2010 Arie Admon Abstracts Modulating the HLA Peptidomes by Cytokines and by Regulated Proteolysis
Yosefzon Yahav 2015 Philippa Melamed Abstracts The Regulation of TET Proteins and Their Role in Controlling Expression of the LH Beta Gene
Shpun Shlomo 1992 Uri Katz Abstracts The Role of the Kidney in Osmoregulation in the Tood Bfoviri
Fuchs Yaron 2010 Dina Ron Abstracts Sef is a Universal Feedback Antagonist of RTK and Cytokine Signaling
Cohen Noa 1992 Ze’ev Lev Abstracts The Raz2 and Rop Gene Pair Common Regulativs Elements
Kosti Idit 2014 Yael Mandel-Gutfreun Abstracts Studying Co-Regulation in the Human Gene Expression Pathway
Fremder Ella 2010 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Addition of Poly(A)and Poly(A)-Rich Tails during RNA Degradation in the Cytoplasm of Human Cells
Cohen Helit 2009 Yoram Reiter, Dinah Singer, Abstracts Characterization of DNA Sequence Elements that Regulate MHC Class I Gene Expression In-Vivo
Krutauz Daria 2013 Michael Glickman Abstracts Extended Ubiquitin Species are Protein-Based DeUbiquitination Inhibitors
Gurevich Vyacheslav 2009 Yona Kassir Abstracts The Correlation between the Expression Pattern of the Master Regulator Gene IME1 and the Efficient Entry into and Completion of Meiosis in the Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Hoffman Joy 1989 Uri Katz Abstracts Adaptations in the Water Economy of the Toad Bufo Viridist
Lifshitz Lena 2013 Dan Cassel Abstracts Dissecting the Function of the ArfGAP2/3 Proteins in the COPI Trafficking Machinery
Verkin Ekaterina 2008 Jonathan Kuhn Abstracts Polarity and Temporal Regulation in Bacteriophage Lambda
Livne Alexander 1989 Shimon Gepstein Abstracts Changes in Plant Chloroplast Proteins with Age
Aharonovich Dikla 2008 Oded Beja Abstracts Marine Picoplankton Molecular Ecology: Genes versus Transcripts
Larom Shirley 2013 Gadi Schuster Abstracts Harnessing Photosynthesis for “Green” Energy Production: Building a Photosystem II-Based Electrochemical Cell
Kolotuev Irina 2007 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Evolution of Vulva Formation and Cell Fusion in Nematodes Related to Caenorhabditis elegans
Avinoam Ori 2012 Benjamin Podbilewicz Abstracts Conserved Eukaryotic Fusogens Can Fuse Viral Envelopes to Cells
Hacham Yael 2007 Gadi Schuster, Rachel Amir, Abstracts Regulation of Methionine Metabolism in Plants by the N-Terminal Region of Cystathionine gamma-synthase
Haus-Cohen Maya 2007 Yoram Reiter Abstracts Potentiation of Anti-tumor and Anti-viral Immunity
Atamna-Ismaeel Nof 2011 Oded Beja Abstracts Ecological Diversity of Microbial Rhodopsins in Freshwater Ecosystems; Sea Ice and in the Phyllosphere of Terrestrial Plants
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