Handling Students Complaints and Ombudsman

Students faced with academic and/or administrative problems and feel that they have not been treated fairly, may submit their complaint using the proper channels.

Following are the guidelines to lodge such complaints:
It is recommended to approach the departmental Graduate office who will then forward the complaint to the appropriate person (professor, departmental graduate studies supervisor, department vice dean, or dean, head of tuition department, etc.)

Should the problem not be resolved, the Graduate School Dean may be approached (in writing with supporting documentation). If the needs arises an appointment will be scheduled with the student.

If all above possibilities have been exhausted, and yet problem has not been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, the complaint may be forwarded to the Ombudsman with supporting documentation.


  1. The Ombudsman is independent and neutral and handles students’ complaints that have not been resolved through the proper Technion channels. The Ombudsman acts as an objective arbitrator between the students and Technion academic and administrative offices. The Ombudsman hears all parties involved and has access to all relevant written materials.
  2. All students may approach the Ombudsman in every matter in which they feel they have been wronged, as well as in matters regarding scholarships and housing.
  3. Students may approach the Ombudsman for advice regarding lodging a complaint.
  4. The Ombudsman does not handle anonymous complaints, however once a complaint is lodged the student’s name may be kept confidential per the student’s request.
  5. The Ombudsman. Prof. Menachem Kaftory, receives students in the office of the Students’ Dean at the Students Union building, ground floor, on Wednesdays between 10-12. Please schedule an appointment with the secretary at: 8293143, 8292535.