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How to get there

Map of Technion City

Getting to the Technion by Car

Directions from Tel Aviv

  1. Turn off the Tel Aviv/Haifa coastal Highway 2 at the first exit for Haifa (signposted Ahuza).
  2. Bear right and at the first traffic light, turn right.
  3. Make a left turn at the next traffic light. You are now on Freud Street. You will pass the Castra shopping mall on your right and continue uphill.
  4. Drive up the Carmel Mountain, near the top of the hill, drive straight through another set of traffic lights.
  5. At the top of the hill, Freud St. ends with a T-junction with traffic lights. At the junction, there are two lanes for turning left, and one slip lane for turning right. As you approach these lights, stay in the center lane. At the lights, make a left turn and an immediate right turn at the next light onto Pica Road. Mercaz Horev Shopping Center will be on your immediate right.
  6. Driving down Pica Road, you will drive through four sets of traffic lights. Stay in the right-hand lane as you approach the yellow Paz gas station, and exit right down the slip lane, which is signposted Newe Sha’anan, Technion.
  7. Continue straight on this road (Hankin), stay in the left lane and drive through a short tunnel. After the underpass tunnel, move over to the right-hand lane, and turn right into Komoly Street, signposted (orange) Technion, BEFORE the upcoming traffic lights.
  8. Drive up Komoi St. for about 200m and turn left through the traffic lights onto Malal St.
  9. Continue straight to the Technion campus, entering through the main Technion gate.

Getting to the Technion by Public Transport

Directions from Ben Gurion Airport:


There is a train service from Ben Gurion airport to Haifa. Trains run all day Sunday through Thursday. Fridays they run only until early afternoon, and Saturdays only in the late evening. The most convenient station for Technion is “Hof HaCarmel”, from where you can take a bus (No. 11) or a taxi (see below) or a shuttle (No. 11). You can check the train schedule here.


There is a taxi stand outside the airport. The fare for a private taxi to the Technion is about 500 NIS.


There is a shuttle which will take you from the terminal to the taxi rank and city shuttle stations. Ask for the shuttle “Amal” to Haifa. The fare is 56 NIS and the driver will take you to your destination (hotel, Technion, etc).

Getting to the Technion from Hof Hacarmel

The bus terminal is adjacent to the Hof Hacarmel train station.

By bus

Take bus no. 11. This bus brings you right into the Technion Campus. It runs hourly throughout the day.

Shared taxi (sherut)

There is also a sherut service near the station which will bring you into the Technion Campus and is cheaper than a private taxi.


despite its being more expensive, we recommend that you take a taxi from the station to Technion, as the bus can take up to 45 min. in the morning peak hours, whereas a taxi is much quicker. The taxi fare from Haifa Hof Hacarmel Bus Station to the Technion is approximately 50 NIS. Ask the driver to operate the meter, and ask him to take you to the main Technion gate.