General Info – Thesis track

A student transfers to status of “graduating” when the department’s Graduate Studies Committee proposes to the Graduate School the suggestion of the Exam Committee for the final examination for a master’s degree / PhD degree. The proposal must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. After it is approved, the Graduate School makes appointments for examiners.

If there is any problem with the composition of the Committee, the school informs the Graduate Degree Secretary of the department. The department’s Graduate Studies Committee proposes a solution or alternative, and when the Dean approves their proposal, the appointments are sent to the examiners.

Conclusion of studies is divided into four stages:

  1. Seminar lecture
  2. Submission of the thesis before the exam
    Only after the seminar lecture is given and after the examiners proposal is approved, the student submits the thesis to the Office of Graduation Procedures based on the instructions for the submission of the thesis. The thesis must be sent for review in the final editing stages and before binding to: GraduationThe thesis is reviewed from a technical and form perspective, and if there are comments, they are sent to the student to amend the thesis (before the final copy is submitted).
  3. The exam
    After the thesis is submitted, the thesis is sent to the examiners with a judgment form. Based on the Graduate School’s regulations, examiners will submit their opinion on the master’s thesis within one month and on a PhD thesis within two months. If the reports are not provided within the defined period of time, the Office of Graduation Procedures will send reminders to the late examiners. After all of the reports are received by the School, the material is submitted to the Dean, who decides whether the exam will be held. If the Dean approves the exam, a notice is sent to the advisor and the Graduate Degree Secretary at the department of the approval, which are responsible to set the exam date.
    If one of the examiners determines that the thesis is not fit to be accepted as it fulfills the requirements for the degree partially, the Dean will convene the Exam Committee to discuss the rest of the process.
  4. After the exam
    The Student’s exam report reaches the Office of Graduation Procedures, following which a letter is generated for the student and advisor, which specifies the approvals required in order to conclude the graduation procedures. When all of the approvals for graduation are received by the Office of Graduation Procedures, the student’s file is reviewed in order to ensure that all of the graduation procedures were performed properly. If documents are missing or documents submitted require amendment, the Office of Graduation Procedures will contact the student. Responsibility to ensure that the file is completed and closed is the student’s alone. The date of eligibility for a degree is determined as the date of the department library’s approval of receiving the final Pdf file of the thesis .After the completion of the academic requirements and the payment of the financial debts, the student’s file may be examined by the Degrees Committee. Technion’s Degrees Committee convenes about six times per year (on average, once every two months, and less frequently in the summer). The Degrees Committee thoroughly examines the students’ files and considers whether the students have met all of the academic requirements and completed all of their obligations towards Technion.After the approval of the Degrees Committee, the list of graduate degree recipients is transferred for the approval of the members of the Technion Senate. Five days from the date on which the notice is provided to the Senate, if there is no opposition, confirmation of eligibility for a degree is sent, which includes confirmation of the completion of the studies and an approved record of grades. The confirmations are sent directly to the students’ emails .The certificates are granted in a ceremony once per year. Seminar lecture – broken link