Procedure for submitting a PhD thesis as a collection of papers – for students in the PhD Degree alone

  1. In certain cases, and according to the approval and procedure detailed below, a thesis as a collection of papers may be submitted, on condition that three or more of the papers were published or were accepted for publication in a scientific journal. The PhD thesis will include at least three papers combined as an integral part of the thesis. The student will appear as the first author on these papers (excluding cases where the order of presenting the authors is alphabetical or noted in the paper explicitly that the student was an equal partner to the first author).
  2. A given paper may be used as an integral part of the PhD thesis of one student alone unless noted in the paper explicitly that the students contributed equally and substantially to the paper.
  3. Only papers that are connected to the research topic will be accepted.
  4. Each department may amend these conditions to entirely prohibit the submission of a thesis that is in the format of a collection of papers.

Manner of Submitting the Request

  1. The student will submit to the Graduate Studies Committee a request to submit a thesis that is a collection of papers. The request will include the details of the papers (title, names of joint authors and the like) while noting the stage they are in (accepted, published).The position of each author in the institute/ company he belongs to. A detailed description of the contribution of each author in each paper should be added that will be included in the PhD thesis. For example: author A conducted the experiments described in pictures 1-3, author B performed those detailed in pictures 4 and 5, author C wrote the program and author D is the head of the law and wrote the paper. The request will include an explanation regarding additional chapters of the results planned to be included in the paper. The student will attach a declaration that he undertakes that any publication derived from the PhD theses will maintain the copyrights of the additional authors of the papers and the stages in which the papers appeared.
  2. The recommendation of the advisor/s will include reference to the papers, the journals  in which they were published or were accepted for publication including the Impact Factor of them, to the student’s part in each essay (or the approval of the detail as appearing in the student’s letter) and regarding the results that have not yet been published and which will be integrated into the thesis.
  3. When several students are partnered equally in the essay and this is noted explicitly in the published essay, the advisor will explain the part of each of them and will justify their inclusion as part of the work of the student in question.
  4. The recommendation of the departmental Graduate Studies Committee – the Committee will discuss the request of the student and the advisor and if it decided to answer the request will send its recommendation to the Dean of the Graduate School in order to approve the submission of the thesis as a collection of papers.

If the request is approved by the Graduate School, the documents detailed in Sections A, B, and C will be sent to the examiners of the thesis and will reference as such in their opinion and in the final examination.

Instructions for thesis editing as a collection of papers – dependent on approval of the request

The thesis will be submitted in accordance with the instructions for writing a thesis customary at that time as written in the Graduate school website, Graduation, Editing the thesis. The student will relate to the following topics:

  1. Preamble
    The preamble of the thesis will include an updated and expanded review of all of the research fields included in the thesis and will be at least five pages long.
  2. Research methods
    An additional chapter will describe the research methods beyond what is described in the summary of the papers. Special attention shall be granted to the research methods developed during the research.
  3. Findings
    The findings chapter shall be comprised of papers arranged in order according to the development of the research. The papers will be duplicated to uniform size and format and will be bound together.
  4. Non-published material
    The non-published material will include a chapter of the findings and will be arranged in the following manner: cover page including the names of the additional researchers, abstract, preamble, results (including tables and illustrations in the proper place) discussion and references. This section may be expanded and developed.
  5. Discussion
    The discussion chapter will include a short summary of the findings from the papers while properly referencing the illustrations presented therein. There will be reference to the entire research paper, while summarizing those sections that the discussion made use of in the papers. All of the innovations and their contribution to the field of research under discussion should be noted while noting the coherency and integration of the entire paper. The chapter will have a scope of at least five pages.
  6. Sources
    The list of sources for the preamble and discussion and those that do not appear in the papers.

Language of the Thesis

A thesis comprised of papers will be entirely written in English. A summary will be attached in Hebrew, as requested.