Process of completing a degree in the non-thesis track

The process of completing a degree in the non-thesis track is performed in two stages:

Office of advanced degrees in the department

Upon the completion of accumulating grades and the completion of the academic requirements, please contact the office of Graduate studies in the academic department and attached the following documents:

    1. Personal details form
    2. Approval from the central library named after Elishar that there are no late book fees. Notice shall be sent via email or please call 04-8292504. The approval will be sent automatically to the Graduation Procedures Office.
    3. For departments that use an “entry/exit form”, please refer to the office of the department and complete it.
    4. For departments that submit completion/seminar/project essays,  cover pages (Hebrew and English) shall be sent to the office of the department for the work. If the work was performed with additional students, the distribution of the work shall also be submitted.

The Graduate Studies office of the department will collect the information required and will transfer it to the Graduation Procedures Office.

Graduation Procedures Office of the Graduate School

The material was transferred to be treated by the Graduation Procedures Office of the Graduate School. After examining it, the Graduation Procedures Office will contact the department of student accounts in order to close the tuition account.

The date of eligibility for the degree will be determined as the date on which the approval of completing the requirements for a degree in the department was received. For students who have a tuition balance, the eligibility date will be date of completing the financial obligations.

After completing the academic requirements and the financial obligations, the student’s file is ready for the examination of the Degree Committee. The Degree Committee of the Technion convenes six times annually (on an average of once every two months, with less frequency during the summer). The Degrees Committee examines the basis of the students’ files and checks whether the students have complied with all of the academic requirements and fulfilled all their requirements at the Technion.

After the approval of the Degrees Committee, a list of degree recipients is transferred for the approval of the Technion’s Senate members. Five days from the date the notice was sent to the Senate, if there is no opposition, the approval for eligibility that includes certificate for the completion of studies and an approved trancript is sent out.

The certificates are sent directly to the student’s home.

The diplomas are granted in a ceremony once per year.