Published abstract

The theses abstracts  of those completing Master’s degrees and PhD degrees are on the Technion’s website.

The purpose of the publication is to distribute information of the research completed in the Technion within the school, in order to create a connection between the researchers of the world who are interested in similar field and the researchers at the Technion. The language of the templates is English.

Please note – the summaries are visible and accessible to everyone.

Instructions for the Published Abstract

The following instructions are obligatory:

  1. A file of the abstract should be sent via email. The name of the file will include the ID number of the student – including the final digit.
    the abstract will be typed within the attached format. Please use the instructions appearing in the format. There is no reason to remove the notes, to change the size of the format or the date appearing at the top or to enter the name of the faculty.
  2. Please ensure correct grammar (it is recommended to be aided by those with knowledge of the language).
  3. The abstract will be written in Microsoft Word, with Times New Roman font, size 12, with 1.5 spacing between the lines.
    The scope of the abstract will be up to 500 words. An abstract prepared according to the requirements will cover two pages.
    In defining formulas, Equation should not be used, but rather Word according to the font superscript definition or subscript and italics, respectively.
    For example: for the formula p2, the letter p is in italics and the number 2 is in superscript. In order to define the two as superscript, select the number 2 and then choose font be right clicking.
    Another way to define the number 2 in superscript is to choose the number 2 and format, and in format choose font and then superscript.
  4. Additionally, the abstract will be submitted to the school signed by an advisor, approving that the abstract is fit to be published in terms of content and language. After the final examination, the abstract file in the form will be sent via email to Graduation.
    Please ensure that the abstract was received and that it meets the requirements. Upon the receipt of a proper abstract, approval will be sent back to the dispatching email address.

Example of a publication abstract Word Pdf