Appointment of partner advisor/research consultant

A partner advisor contributes to the student’s research thesis on topics in which the responsible advisor does not have expertise. A partner advisor may be appointed upon submitting the topic of research or at a later date. In any event, their part in advising and their contribution to the research must be detailed. If the partner advisor is not a member of the Technion staff, a CV must be attached.

The partner advisor has no duty to supervise the student’s study track and is not required to report to the Graduate School regarding the student. In the absence of a responsible advisor, the partner advisor will substitute with regards to supervising the student’s education program at the Technion.

A research consultant’s role will be to consult for the student in his research thesis. The consultant’s contribution will be less than that of the partner advisor and he will serve more as a consultant for work methods. The following may serve as research consultants: a laboratory worker for the responsible advisor or a professional expert in the field of research or an expert in work methods used in the research, who is assisting the student in overcoming obstacles in their research.

A research consultant does not have to participate as an examiner in the candidacy examination or the final examination.