Confirmation of Study Program

Registration for study courses is done before the beginning of the semester with the Study Program Proposal Form. The advisor must outline the student’s study program according to their terms of acceptance (prerequisites), the nature of their research thesis and scholarship requirements (if such exist), and subject to the following regulations:

  • Expected academic GPA for a student in Graduate School is 75. A student whose academic situation is not as expected will not be able to submit their topic for research or receive study leave.
  • A passing grade in a study course being taken towards a graduate degree: 65.
  • In undergraduate study courses and common undergraduate/graduate study courses, a failing grade may be corrected or a retest may be taken to improve the grade.
  • A failing grade in graduate study courses will require reapplying for the study course in order to correct the failing grade. A failing grade may not remain on a student’s grade sheet.
  • Prerequisite/transfer study courses may be defined in advance for regular students, which will not be calculated in the general GPA.