Going on Sabbatical/Leave of Absence

  • An advisor who plans to go on sabbatical or leave of absence will notify the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs will notify the Students’ Progress Office of the date of leave.
  • Replacement advisor forms will be sent to the department, which will be requested to appoint a replacement advisor for each of the students being supervised.
  • The Students’ Progress Office will conduct the replacement of advisors and release the sabbatical leave.
  • If the advisor requests so in advance, his students will return to work under his tutelage automatically upon his return.
  • The replacement advisor will serve as a permanent advisor in all respects for the students.
  • An advisor going on sabbatical in Israel, who wishes to continue advising, will commit to being available to the students, with everything this entails.

It is recommended not to accept new students before taking sabbatical leave, mainly PhD students before their candidacy examinations.

A research consultant is not required to participate as an examiner for candidacy examinations or final examinations.