Research Thesis Progress Grades

At the end of every semester, the advisor will evaluate the student’s progress on their research thesis. The grade must reliably reflect the student’s efforts, progress, and achievements, including the composition writing stage. The grade will be an important parameter in evaluating the student’s academic situation.

A delay in submitting the grade on time may harm the student (cessation of scholarship, committee discussion).

After a grade has been given – it cannot be changed.

Following is the grade scale:
A = Excellent
B = Very Good
C = Good
D = Unsatisfactory (fail)
E = Not yet able to assess. This grade may be given only once, to a first semester student, when the value of the work cannot yet be assessed.
S = Finishing stages – this grade will be given when the composition is ready to be submitted and the student has an approved examining committee. This grade can be given only twice.
M = Maternity leave

Explanation for the grade scale