General Information

Scholarships for the Graduate School are given according to academic considerations only. The threshold for receipt of scholarships is determined by each department separately and may change from semester to semester, but will not, in any event, be lower than an accumulative GPA of 80. The condition regarding the minimal GPA of 80 applies for the entire period of the scholarship recipient’s study and it is forbidden to diverge from this for the entire time of scholarship receipt. For further information, see Procedure for Granting of Scholarship.

Scholarships are intended to assist scholarship recipients financially for the duration of the scholarship, and are not intended for those with income, including sabbatical wage or pension.

It should be emphasized that granting of scholarships given, in as much as they are given, is intended to allow for time to be dedicated to research that to create conditions that will result in timely completion of requirements for a degree by the end of the period of scholarship.

Scholarships at the Technion are granted in monthly units. A student may receive 1-6 scholarship units in a given month. The number of scholarship units will be determined by the department. The value of Scholarship Unit is determined according to the degree and the stage of research at which the student stands. Additionally, scholarship recipients will be given a Tuition Scholarship (tuition exemption).

For any period during which a scholarship is not granted they are required to pay tuition according to procedure.

In tracks without thesis there are no scholarships (except for soldiers in compulsory military service or those in national service, who may request a tuition scholarship).