Change of a study track / faculty transfer

A student who wishes to change a study track, whether during his studies or after being admitted, will submit a request to transfer faculties to the Registration and Admission Office of the Graduate School using the form to Request a Transfer of a Study Track / Faculty.

Instructions for changing a study track / transferring faculties:

  • Transfer of a track / faculty may only occur once during the degree studies.
  • A transfer cannot be performed during the semester.
  • The student will continue to be a student in the department to which he belongs until he receives a response from the academic department to which he wishes to transfer. Upon the receipt of a positive response, the studies in the previous department will conclude and the student will be admitted to the track / faculty to which he requested to transfer.
  • Transfer of a track / faculty means restarting studies. The duration of the studies and the tuition will be re-determined in accordance with the study requirements (see: Tuition).
  • The scholarships granted in the academic department that the student left will be considered in counting the scholarships provided for the degree.