Certificates and Transcripts

Semester study certificate

At the beginning of each semester a “semester study certificate” is sent to the student’s Technion mail address.
A student who starts his studies after the formal beginning of the semester is entitled, gratis, to the “semester study certificate”, to be ordered through the following link.
When ordering, it is important to fill in the form the following details: name, surname, ID, degree, study program and department, and home address. If the student prefers to get it by e-mail, or to come to the office and pick it, he should note that on the form.
A student who owes tuition, or exceeded the length of his allotted study period, is not entitled to any certificates.

To order

Other certificates:

In addition to a “semester study certificate”, at the end of his studies, the student is entitled to his degree eligibility certificate, and to the final studies transcript as well. Both are sent by mail approx. two weeks after approval of the degree by Technion Senate.
Students who need additional certificates can order them using the request form. These certificates are for a fee.