Application to a Master or PhD degree

Please note: It is possible to apply for one department only.

Israeli citizens are required to use the Hebrew site for applications.

It is recommended that you contact our international student’s advisor prior to applying.

Registration Dates

Please pay the registration fees according to the instructions in Section 2 below.

Registration for the October 2018 semester ended on April 1st.

Registration for the March 2019 semester will start on July 1st.

Please notice: Due to holidays the Technion will be closed between 01.04.2018- 8.04.2018. All applications will be handled after our return to work.

Application forms

  • Application for admission
  • Scholarship Application
  • Application for Dormitories for Israeli Students ONLY: Please e-mail the completed and signed form.
    Application for Dormitories for International Students ONLYPlease e-mail the completed and signed form.
  • Recommendation form. This form is to be completed by the individuals providing the recommendations – please provide them with the link. Recommenders may send the recommendation without the form directly to the Graduate Addmission officeCandidates for a PhD are required to find an advisor before applying. It is recommended that students consult with a graduate studies coordinator in the department regarding if and what the requirements of the academic department are, in addition to those of the Graduate School.A number of days after the forms are completed and the registration fees are paid, an email will be sent confirming your candidacy, as well as instructions for the delivery of additional documents.As preparation, please read Sections 3 and 4 below, which specify the additional forms that will be required based on the degree to which you are registering and your academic background.

Payment of registration fees

Payment of $140 (non-refundable) registration fee can be done in one of the following options:

  • Using an international Visa/Mastercard via the link: Registration fee.
    Please Note: once you are arrive at the payment screen, please enter your passport no. in the “ID” field.
  • Via wire transfer, for details please contact Ms. Laufmann.
  • A $140 check sent to:
    Registration and Admission Office
    Jacobs Graduate School
    Churchill Building
    Haifa, 3200003

Documents that must be sent to the Registration and Admission Office

  • Diplomas or confirmations of eligibility of a degree (translated to English or Hebrew). Applicantss who have not yet graduated, please ignore this section.
  • A certified and official transcript of each of the degrees, including the GPA as well (translated to English or Hebrew). Candidates who have completed their studies at Technion do not need to send cthese documents.Applicants who have not yet completed their studies will send the most updated transcript.Applicants for a PhD are requested to provide copies of their undergraduate degree as well as their master’s degree.
  • A ranking is to be submitted by candidates who have not graduated from Technion. (A ranking is their place in their class).
  • GMAT grades for MBA candidates. Technion code: 0027
  • Curriculum vitae – must be submitted by applicants for: MBA, Behavioral and management sciences, Nano-sciences and nano-technology, Medicine (MSc and PhD) and candidates for a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Declaration of intent – is to be submitted by applicants for behavioral and management sciences.
  • Results of the MITAM exam [entrance exam for psychology] – is to be submitted by applicants to behavioral and management sciences (psychology graduates)/ or GRE/Psychology (Technion code: 0343). In special cases, requests for an exemption from the GRE will be considered on a “case by case” basis. Letters of request should be sent to Ms. Laufmann.
  • Certified translation to Hebrew or English of transcripts and diplomas – must be submitted by applicants who studied abroad.
  • GRE (general exam) scores are required of applicants for PhD who studied abroad, and from applicants to MSc in: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Autonomous systems and Robotics and Physics (in physics the subjuct test is sufficient). Technion code: 0343.
  • Applicants for PhD are requested to provide two recommendations (one recommendation from the thesis advisor for the master’s degree). Applicants for MSc in Chemical Engineering and in Medicine are requested to provide two recommendations. The recommendations will be sent directly to the Graduate School.
  • Applicants for PhD in Mechanical Engineering will provide:
    • Letter from future advisor
    • Applicant lettter of intent
    • Research topic & Proposal (3-5 pages)
    • Thesis (PDF format)
    • Papers (electronic format) – if published.

Documents that may be provided to the Registration and Admission Office

  • A detailed Syllabi mayt be submitted by applicnants who studied abroad (this is optional, but may be helpful in the discussions for acceptance).
  • Confirmation by the Israeli Ministry of Education of higher education.


Registration and Admission Office, Graduate School, Technion, Haifa 3200003.