Explanation of the registration process

Please note: It is possible to apply for one department only.

Submitting an application

First evaluation

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Completing the application kit

Description in the Registration and Enrollment chapter.


Documents to be submitted to the Registration and Admission Office

Description in the Registration and Enrollment chapter.

The application procedures in the Registration and Admission Office:

The Registration and Admission Office e-mail

  • Review of all of the documents, creation of candidacy, and transfer of the relevant material for discussion in the academic department.
  • Sending a email notice of candidacy to the candidate.
  • Candidates who do not meet the minimum conditions of the Graduate School will receive a rejection letter.

Discussion and processing of application

Discussion in the Graduate Studies Committee of the academic department

This discussion includes an examination of the academic and department requirements, consent of the advisor in the same departments requesting the above, personal interviews and more.

The decision of the Graduate Studies Committee may be acceptance of the student for studies, while determining candidacy (a regular student or a supplementing student), the educational requirements or rejection of the application.

The Committee’s decision is transferred to the Registration and Admission Office.

Admission or rejection of the candidate to studies Admission to studies

Also including the educational requirements, is in accordance with the decision of the Department Committee and the requirements of the Graduate School. Admission or rejection is confirmed by the academic Secretary of the Graduate School. An acceptance letter that includes a computer code and additional documents is sent to the student. A rejection letter is sent to candidates who the Graduate Committee of the academic department has decided not to accept.

Process following acceptance


Scholarships are granted based on the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee by the Scholarships Office, near the beginning of the semester.


Eligibility for dorms is determined on the basis of academic achievements and in accordance with the availability of the dorms. Notice of acceptance to the dorms will be sent near the beginning of the semester by the Scholarships Office.

Additional details

Additional details may be received from the Secretary of Graduate Degrees of the academic departments and the website of the Graduate School.