Exploratory Research (supplementing a thesis)

International students who graduated with non-research Master’s degrees or (integrated) five year degrees from accredited universities, who are interested in studying toward a PhD degree at Technion, in the same or in a similar field, may apply for a special track in which they will conduct an exploratory research work. Int’l candidates will be required to pass the GRE examination. All candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • Outstanding achievements in graduate studies.
  • Achievements in undergraduate degree would have enabled acceptance to studies for a research master’s degree in the academic department in which they wish to study towards the PhD degree.
  • The topic for the exploratory research will be in the planned area of research for the PhD, and the advisor for the exploratory research will continue on as well.
  • High GRE scores (for candidates who studies abroad).

Study requirements

Students accepted for the exploratory research track, will be required to conduct limited research and submit a paper, and undergo an oral exam by a committee comprised of the advisor(s) and two faculty members. The advisor and the examiners will provide their evaluations as to whether the student may be accepted to the PhD. The Graduate Studies Committee at the department will recommend continuation to the PhD based on these evaluations.

Study duration

Studies start at the beginning of the semester, and will be completed in up to two semesters.

Scholarships and Tuition

  •  For non scholarship students the  tuition will be 10% of tuition per semester.
  • Students may be eligible for scholarships in accordance with the recommendation of the academic department.