Graduates of Overseas Universities

Graduates of accredited overseas universities who attended it abroad (and not an extension of it), with outstanding achievements may submit an application to the Graduate School.

  • Applicants who graduated a five-year program, may (usualy) submit an application for a master’s degree.
  • Applicants who graduated a master degree with thesis and graduates of five-year degree programs with thesis, may submit an application for a PhD degree. Applicants will have to provide two academic recommendations in English, one of which will be from the thesis advisor/supervisor. In addition they are required to take the GRE (general) exam (Technion GRE code: 0343).
  • All applicants for a Master’s degree in: Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., Aerospace Eng., Physics, Chemistry, and Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are required to take the GRE (general) exam (Technion GRE code: 0343). The application will be forwarded to the department after receiving the GRE results. Other academic departments may require an applicant to take the GRE exam. In special cases, requests for an exemption from the GRE will be considered on a “case by case” basis. Letters of request should be sent to Ms. Laufmann.
  • Information about the GRE exam may be found at the following websites:
    Website #1Website #2
    Also by writting to:
    GRE Search Serving
    P.O. Box 6010
    Princeton, NJ 09541-60100 USA
    Tel: 1-609-4065149
  • Technion GRE Code: 0343
  • Graduates of universities from abroad will increase their chances of acceptance if they attach a detailed syllabi of the relevent courses they took.
  • When registering, applicants from abroad will provide original academic documents with a notarized translation into Hebrew or English. Recommendations must be sent directly to the Graduate Admission Office.

For more details please contact Ms. Gabriela Laufmann, the international students’ advisor at the Graduate School. Tel: 04-8292693