Language of Studies at Technion

By default, classes at the Technion are conducted in Hebrew. Therefore basic knowledge of Hebrew is recommended. However, all Technion departments have committed to teaching graduate courses in English, under some conditions, following a request by an international student per a specific course. For more details, see the following table.

For a list of courses that will be given/or may be given in English in the upcoming semester, please consult the Courses’ List

All professors as well as most teaching assistants are fluent in English and therefore can offer assistance when necessary.

While pre-requisite courses are generally offered in Hebrew, some of them are offered in English at the “Technion International Center”. Please check with the Graduate Studies secretary in your department.

Studying Hebrew at the Technion

We highly encourage you to look into Hebrew courses offered at Technion:

Courses offered by the Department of Humanities and Arts:

Please contact Ms. Harel