Study Tracks and Requirements for Master Degrees

Studies towards graduate degrees have been taking place at Technion since 1948, and the Graduate School was officially established in 1956. Studies towards master’s degrees and PhDs exist in almost all of Technion’s academic departments. Since its establishment, the school has granted 18,636 master’s degrees and 4,565 PhDs to students in engineering, sciences, architecture, medicine and education.

It is worth studying at Technion. Technion Graduate School admission requirements are high and the students admitted are among the best in the country. Moreover, studies at Technion are very challenging and the academic level is high, and  you may also need to take a few extra courses. However, all that is worth the effort to  be a student and a member of one of the world’s top research universities. The Technion is highly ranked internationally, and Technion graduates have led Israel to be “the startup nation”. Many entrepreneurs of successful start-up companies are Technion graduates, and are sought after and preferred over other candidates by high-tech companies. Moreover, Technion graduates are the management and development backbone of the of the Israel economy and have left their mark in all areas of life in Israel.

As a graduate student, you will be able to learn from world leading researchers in their field, and be exposed to and take part in innovative research. Students who devote full time to their master’s degree studies (MSc in Science) and Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD), are offered very good research conditions, a generous scholarship (among the best in the country) by the Jacobs Graduate School, dormitories on the Green Campus, funding for participation in conferences abroad and competitive excellence scholarships and awards.

Degrees awarded by the Jacobs Graduate School

Master of Science             MSc

Master of Engineering    ME

Doctor of Philosophy      PhD

Master of Science (with thesis) – MSc

Studies towards “Master of Science” degree (with thesis) provide the student with a broad knowledge and a high level of expertise in a particular field and exposes the student to the research world. The student is required to study courses per a unique program, and conduct research, an engineering project or a final paper. The master’s degree research or project can be theoretical or experimental, and may focus on the investigation of unique phenomena in pure or applied science, or present a more practical approach in engineering design or manufacturing processes.

Master of Engineering – ME

The “Master of Engineering” degree is a non-research degree and is offered by most Technion engineering faculties. A non-research master’s degree is offered by non-engineering faculties as well, such as “Urban and Regional Planning”, MBA, etc.. Such a degree is called “Master of … [field name]” and not “Master of Engineering”. To earn such a degree the student needs to study courses and submit a final project/seminar.

Minimum requirements for applying for a Master’s degree

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution in Israel or abroad, whose GPA is not lower than a 75 (or a parallel grade), may apply. Each department has the right to determine requirements that are greater than the minimum requirements.

Applicants for an MSc degree in: Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., Physics, Chemistry, and Nano-Science and Nano-Technology are required to take the GRE (general exam). Technion GRE code: 0343.

For additional details, please review the Graduate School Regulations.


Faculties in the Graduate School
FacultiesSyllabiAdvisorsTelephoneFaculty Website
Aerospace EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8293365Faculty Website
Applied MathematicsSyllabi-04-8294281-
Applied Sciences (This program is offered in the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in NYC)Syllabi-972-77-8871941Faculty Website
Architecture and Town PlanningSyllabiAdvisors04-8294285Faculty Website
Autonomous Systems and Robotics-Advisors04-8293197Faculty Website
BiologySyllabiAdvisors04-8294255Faculty Website
Biomedical EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8294130Faculty Website
Biotechnology and Food EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8293068Faculty Website
Chemical EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8292848Faculty Website
Faculty Website
Civil and Environmental EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8292565Faculty Website
Computer ScienceSyllabiAdvisors04-8294342Faculty Website
Design and Manufacturing Management--04-8293189-
Education in Science and TechnologySyllabiAdvisors04-8293108Faculty Website
Electrical EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8294781Faculty Website
EnergySyllabiAdvisors077-8871933Faculty Website
Humanistic Studies--04-8293507Faculty Website
Industrial Eng. and Management - Mba-Advisors04-8294248Faculty Website
Industrial Engineering and ManagementSyllabiAdvisors04-8294403Faculty Website
Master of Engineering General--04-8292573-
Materials Science and EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8293845Faculty Website
MathematicsSyllabiAdvisors04-8294281Faculty Website
Mechanical EngineeringSyllabiAdvisors04-8293189Faculty Website
MedicineSyllabiAdvisors04-8295374Faculty Website
Nanoscience and NanotechnologySyllabiAdvisors04-8295047Faculty Website
PhysicsSyllabiAdvisors04-8295585Faculty Website
Polymer EngineeringSyllabi-04-8294593-
Real Estate-Advisors04-8295153Faculty Website
Systems Engineering--04-8295903-
Urban Engineering----
Vehicles Systems Engineering----
Marine Engineering--04-8293189