Retaking a Course in Order to Improve a Grade

Retaking a course by choice (i.e. a course in which the student received a passing grade (65), and not in order to meet the conditions for transfer to “full-time” status) will be allowed once, for only one course during the degree, and provided that the course will be taken is two consecutive semesters to the semester the course was taken initially.

An extension will be approved, should a course will not be offered in the two consecutive semesters mentioned above, nor will it be a reason for an additional exam, beyond those he/she is entitled to. A request to retake a course will not be a reason for an extension of the thesis submission / completion of the degree assigned date.

Retaking a course will adhere to regulations 26.01-26.05, and in particular, if the student has not completed his / her duties during retaking of a course according to section 26.02, he/she will be given the “non-participated” grade which is judged as grade “0”, instead of the previous grade. The last grade is the final grade.

The above applies to all graduate degrees: MSc, ME, and PhD.

As with all courses, retaking a course requires the advisor’s approval, which may not approve it.


Valid as of: 2020-21 Fall semester