Information and instructions for a student who receives approval for dorm residence

A student who receives confirmation of eligibility for dorm residence must perform the following:

  1. Confirm in writing the student’s desire to reside in the dorms, as stated in the approval letter of dorm residence that was sent from the Dean’s Office in the Graduate School.
  2. Carefully read the student dorm bylaws.
  3. Arrange the authorization agreement for dorm residence based on the date determined in the letter of eligibility for the dorms and before entrance to the room/apartment.
  4. The following are instructions for the residential agreement:
    • You must print the authorization agreement for dorm residence, complete the personal information and sign the agreement.
    • Have two guarantors sign the agreement as required on page 5 (the last page).
    • Send the original agreement to the Accounts Office of Students, Olman Building, Room 414 or send it via mail.
  5. After the residence agreement is provided to the Accounts Office of Students, the placement into the room/apartment will be sent via email to the Technion email address of the student. The placement will be sent near the date of entry to the room/apartment that was approved.
  6. Entry to the dorms will not be permitted without the residence agreement.
  7. Collection of the dorm fees will begin on the date on which the key is taken, based on the provisions of Section 11 of the “authorization agreement for residence in the student dorms.”