Absence from Technion

A student who receives a scholarship for the entire academic year (October – September), is entitled to a one month vacation per year (with no accumulation), out of which two weeks at most during August and September.

Please note: Absence from the Technion for Scholarship recipients is not the same as a request for a Semester Off for academic reasons.  For more details please read the information under “Semester Off“.

Any absence of scholarship recipients for research purposes / personal vacation / absence, in Israel / abroad, has to be preapproved by a number of authorities: The advisor, the Head of the Departmental Undergraduate Studies Committee (for teaching assistants), the Head of the Academic Unit’s Graduate Studies Committee and by the Dean of the Graduate School.

A letter has to be submitted with each request for an absence for a month and up. The letter will include the following: Importance of the absence, its connection to the research (if there is one), a special reference regarding scholarships should be made; will scholarship be continued / discontinued during the absence. In cases in which the scholarship will be continued, please address the following issues: will you receive / won’t receive any salary and / or funding and / or participation in expenses (from Technion resources / non Technion resources) during the absence period (Please detail the funding / participation in expenses amounts you will receive).

The letter should be approved and signed by your advisor and the head of the departmental graduate studies committee.

The request for absence from Technion is to be submitted through the Graduate students’ travel abroad / absence from Technion for scholarship recipients form.