Additional scholarships for scholarship recipients

Merit Scholarships

(For students studying towards a master’s degree and in the special PhD track)
“Excellence Dean’s Support Scholarship” – a merit scholarship for Technion alumni with a GPA of 90 or higher, who are receiving scholarships in a scope of three or more installments during the course of their study. The merit scholarship will be granted to eligible students on a one time basis, at the end of the first semester of the studies, and retroactively in the form of an additional monthly grant for each month of the semester (total addition of five scholarship portions). There is no need to apply for this scholarship; eligible students will be automatically identified.

“A merit scholarship on the account of the academic department” – students with particularly impressive achievements during their studies may receive an additional scholarship portion for a semester (total addition of five scholarship portions) for their excellence, based on the considerations of the Graduate Degrees Committee of the academic unit.

“Bridging” Scholarships

(For scholarship recipients for a master’s degree at Technion who continue their studies for a PhD consecutively)

A scholarship recipient who is studying towards a master’s degree at Technion and continues studies directly towards a PhD may receive a “bridging” scholarship at the recommendation of the academic department. The “bridging” scholarship is on account of the quota of the monthly scholarship for a PhD and can be received for a period of up to three months, to allow the completion of the master’s degree. Individuals eligible for a “bridging” scholarship are scholarship recipients who have submitted their final work to the school and received conditional admission to PhD studies.

Parenthood-leave scholarships

Parenthood and scholarship adjustments for research (Section 6.9 at the procedure)

The eligibility for scholarship adjustments for research due to fertility treatments, pregnancy, birth, adopting or guardianship or fostering a child, for a qualifying event that occurred beginning with the 5773 winter semester, is determined by the adjustments coordinator at the Office of Undergraduate Studies.  After entitlement to a research scholarship is determined, the matter is handled by the Scholarship Office of the Graduate School.

The full adjustments Procedure Regarding Adjustments due to Fertility Treatments, Pregnancy, Birth, Adoption, Custody or Fostering of a Child

The request for adjustments can be submitted through the request form for adjustments due to fertility treatments, pregnancy, birth, adopting or guardianship or fostering a child.

Extension of leave after birth

A request (letter) to extend the leave after a birth, for a period of up to 15 additional weeks at most, without receipt of a scholarship, shall be submitted directly to the Graduate Degree Coordinator (Secretary) at the academic department. The request must be submitted no later than one month before the end of the period of leave following the birth.

The request must state the dates of the additional leave and the date on which the student will return to studies (for complete academic activity). The request will be transferred for the care of the Scholarship Office after it is approved by the advisor and the coordinator of the Graduate Studies Committee in the academic department. During the additional “leave of absence”, without a scholarship, the counting of scholarship months will be stopped. For this period, a “scholarship (exemption) of tuition fees” will be awarded, which is not counted as “scholarship months”. The thesis submission date to the Graduate School will be updated according to the period of extended “leave after the birth” without a scholarship.


tuition scholarship (exemption from tuition) will be given for the additional period of leave. At the end of the additional period of leave, please inform the secretary of graduate degrees in the academic department in writing of the return to studies (for complete academic activity) in order to renew the granting of the scholarship.

Scholarships for time served on reserve duty

A student who serves in reserve duty for over 30 days (in the aggregate) while being a scholarship recipient (single days are not counted in this calculation) may receive an extension of the scholarship from the reserves fund based on the number of aggregate days, up to three months at most.

A request for a scholarship from the reserves fund must be submitted to the Scholarship Office at the Graduate School through the form to extend the duration of a scholarship, and should note that the scholarship is a reserves scholarship. The request should include an official “confirmation from the Army Human Resource Office”. The confirmation shall specify the days of reserves duty performed during the period of the receipt of the scholarship.

The request will be submitted about two months before the end of the quota for scholarships for the degree and before the submission of a request to extend a scholarship from the academic department (if one is submitted).

Scholarship recipients who served in the reserves at the “Iron Swords” war or scholarship recipients who are parents whose spouses serve in the reserves in the “Iron Swords” war  – Scholarship extension  from the reserves fund, based on the number of aggregate days, up to six months, at most. An application can also be submitted for a period of reserve service that occurred during a scholarship extension period.

Parents whose spouses serve in the reserves in the “Iron Swords” war are required to attach a photocopy of the ID appendix to their request.