General Information

Graduate school scholarships are awarded based on academic criteria alone. The minimum grade for receiving a scholarship will be set by each academic unit and can be changed from semester to semester, but will never be below the average grade of 80. The condition for the minimum average grade for scholarship recipients must be kept at any time of the studies and it is forbidden to deviate from it during the whole time of reception of scholarship.

For additional information, see Scholarship award guidelines.

Scholarships are intended for the provision of financial support to the recipients during the scholarship period, provided the recipient does not have additional income from wages, including sabbatical pay.

Students who receive unemployment benefits are not eligible for scholarships unless their unemployment benefits are for a part-time job, held in concurrence with receiving partial scholarship. In such a case, the payment of the partial scholarship will be continued for the duration approved while employed.

Graduate students (including scholarship recipients) are due to register and pay the national insurance fees and national health insurance fees, directly to the National Insurance Institute (BTL).

Awarding the scholarship is subjected upon signing the Scholarship Agreement. The full scholarship conditions are published at the scholarship agreement.

It should be emphasized that awarding the scholarship, if any, is intended to enable to dedicate time for research and to assist in assuring completion of the degree requirements within the time frame of the scholarship.

Once the scholarship has been approved (by the Graduate School scholarship office) the scholarship recipient will receive a letter “Essential information for planning course of study and research” in which will be specified the academic “milestones” and other details pertaining to the student’s studies  including  date of thesis submission to the graduate school. This date will appear on the transcript as well as  in every scholarship letter that will be sent to the student during her/his studies.

The scholarships at Technion are awarded in monthly portions. A student may receive 1-6 scholarship portions in a given month. The number of scholarship portions is determined by the academic unit. The amount of the scholarship portions is determined in accordance with the type of degree and research stage of studies.

Payment of the monthly scholarship is at the beginning of the following month, i.e. The scholarship for October is paid on November 1st.

The value for a monthly scholarship portion as from April 2024

The value for a monthly scholarship portion as from April 2024
Type of degree and research stageScholarship portion in NIS
MSc before research topic1,046
MSc after research topic1,119
PhD before candidacy exam1,331
PhD after candidacy exam1,446

* The scholarship amounts are periodically updated

Tuition scholarships for scholarship recipients

In addition, scholarship recipients will be given a tuition scholarship (exemption from tuition).

The rate of the tuition scholarship will be relative to the number of scholarship portions awarded:

Tuition scholarships for scholarship recipients
Number of scholarship portionsTuition scholarship rate (full tuition waiver)
1 scholarship portion25%
2 scholarship portions50%
3 scholarship portions75%
4 or more scholarship portions100%
* The same ratio applies to security fees
For a period in which no scholarship is awarded, tuition will be charged in accordance with the regulations.

Additional information

A. Non-thesis tracks do not award scholarships (Tuition scholarship is available for soldiers / national service, who may request a tuition scholarship).


B. A Technion Graduate of an MSc or a PhD, who received a scholarship and wishes to study another graduate degree of the same level at the Technion, will be eligible to receive scholarships under the following conditions:

  1. The Department (to which the student is applying to) will submit a detailed request to the Graduate School Scholarships Office, for the consideration of the Graduate School Vice Dean.
  2. The additional Graduate degree will be in a different department, in a different research field and under the supervision of a different advisor than the previous degree (of the same level). In accordance with each department’s policy, the student may be eligible to receive a scholarship even prior to coordinating an advisor.

The Graduate School reserves the right to limit or stop this policy.


C. The Technion encourages its graduate students, in addition to their obligations as students, to take an active part in teaching undergraduate students, mainly in the framework as TA’s, lab instructors and projects guidance. A salary will be paid for such duties. In order not to hinder the studies and the progress of research, the scope of of instruction is limited by the Dean of the Graduate school. Please see the section relating to the Guidelines for presence at Technion and work while receiving a scholarship.

Confirmations for scholarship recipients

Every time a scholarship is awarded by the Dean of the Graduate School, a letter will be sent to the student. The letter will detail the months which the awarded scholarship was approved for, the monthly scholarship portions awarded, etc.

A scholarship slip will be issued for each month in which the scholarship is paid. The scholarship slip may be viewed on the “HILAN Net” system.

New scholarship recipients will receive the password to the “HILAN Net” system via email immediately after payment of the first scholarship.

Ongoing scholarship recipients that have difficulties logging onto the “HILAN Net” system may contact the Accounting Department.

Additional approvals for scholarship recipients, please contact as detailed below:

For approvals that do not include the scholarship amounts, such as: approval of presence at Technion for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and more, please contact the Graduate School secretary office, Ms. Ben Shabat Levana.

To receive approvals that include the scholarship amounts, please contact the Accounting Department.