Scholarship award guidelines

  1. A recommendation for a scholarship is given by the academic unit (including the number of portions and scholarship type). The Graduate Studies Committee of the academic unit will review only scholarship requests of candidates with an average grade of 80 or higher, from the Technion or a recognized academic institution comparable in level to the Technion.
  2. The Graduate Studies Committee in the academic unit recommends awarding a scholarship based on the unit’s available scholarship budget and the student’s academic record. Final approval for awarding the scholarship is granted by the Dean of the Graduate School.
  3. Upon a recommendation to award a scholarship, the student will be required to sign the Scholarship Agreement. The full scholarship conditions are specified in the aforementioned agreement.
  4. The minimum grade for receiving a scholarship will be set by each academic unit and can be changed from semester to semester, but will never be below the average grade of 80. The condition for the minimum average grade for scholarship recipients must be kept at any time of the studies and it is forbidden to deviate from it during the whole time of reception of scholarship.
  5. Not all scholarship applications are approved. There may be a case in which a student improves his academic achievements and may re-apply for a scholarship. In general, a student’s scholarship will be renewed until the end of the scholarship quota available to him, pending maintenance of high research and study achievement level, which does not fall from the initial academic achievement level that enabled the initial awarding of the scholarship. Nevertheless, a student failing to meet the academic/ level of conduct required, may have his granted scholarship frozen until the fulfillment of the academic requirements / terminated at any stage during the semester, as well as in cases the scholarship was awarded for a full semester.
  6. The Dean of the Graduate School, at the discretion and without any prior notification, can permanently stop or temporarily freeze, A student’s scholarship (including a tuition scholarship) of a student who decides to terminate his studies at his own initiative or his studies are terminated by the Graduate School, due to a significant decrease in the his achievements or failing to meet the academic requirements, or violated the signed “Scholarship Agreement”.