Transfer to a direct PhD track

The Dean may alter the status of an MSc student to that of a PhD candidate, provided he has shown in his studies and research work ability and achievements warranting such a course of action.

The following guidelines will be observed in such cases

  1. The student has completed at least one full semester after the approval of his research subject.
  2. The student has completed at least 50% of the required course work, on a high level (GPA of at least 90).
  3. The committee is satisfied that the candidate is suitable for the PhD degree, and that the MSc research topic can be expanded for the scope required of PhD thesis and has recommended the transfer to the Dean.
  4. students who graduated Cum Laude (an average of at least 85) from a four-year BSc degree, as well as three-year Bachelor students who graduated Summa cum Laude, may apply after one semester, provided that they have an approved research topic, and after having completed at least one third of the required credits (but not less than eight points).

In special cases, in accordance to the committee’s recommendations, the GS Dean may approve the transfer even without the above sections (1) and/or (2) and/or (4).

The recommendation will include

  • A concise summary of the student’s work towards the Master’s degree up to that point and a research plan for the Doctorate. The summary will include:
    • Introduction
    • Research goals
    • Research hypothesis
    • Work program
    • Preliminary results (if there are any)
  • A recommendation from the advisor, the co-advisor and the consultant (if there are)
  • Another review, by a faculty member, on the research level and its suitability for doctoral research.
  • A recommendation letter by the Graduate Studies Committee regarding the suitability of the candidate, and the suitability and the scope of the research topic for doctoral research.

After the transfer was approved by the Dean

  • After the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School, the student will submit a concise description of his research proposal within 5 months, and will take the candidacy examination within one month after the submission of the proposal.
  • the student’s status will be altered to that of a Doctoral student
  • After passing successfully the candidacy examination, and having completed all the courses required upon his admission to the Master’s degree, the student will be eligible for a Master’s diploma (not MSc).
  • Failing the candidacy examination, his status will be altered to that of a master’s student.