Credit for courses

Reduction of the study requirements (credit for courses)

  • A student who took courses at an advanced level which were not recognized in the student’s previous studies will be entitled to a credit / recognition of these courses, in whole or in part, based on the recommendation of the Department Unit for Graduate Degrees.
  • Recognition / credit will be provided as long as the course grade is at least a 75.
  • Courses taken at Technion – please attach a record of grades to the request for recognition of courses that states that the course taken was marked as a “non-degree course.” The grade will be weighed in the general average and the limitations period will apply to it (see below).
  • Courses taken in another academic institution in Israel or abroad – recognition through credits may be received in a scope of up to 25% of the number of credits in advanced levels required by the student. The credits will be determined in accordance with an overlapping course in Technion and will not be calculated in the general GPA. The request for recognition shall be submitted by completing a form for request of courses taken at a recognized institution.