Registration for Courses

  • Each student must register for courses that the student plans to study in the same semester. A student who does not register for a course cannot receive a grade in the course. A student may not register again for a course that the student has already taken, including in previous degrees, unless doing so by the rules of “Retaking a course in order to improve a grade“.
  • Registration for a course must be performed though the Form for a Proposed Semester Study Program.
  • It is important to register for courses before the beginning of the semester (changes can be performed at a later date – see the section regarding changes to the study program).
  • After receiving approval and signature of the advisor, the form must be sent to the secretary of the academic department.
  • The student is responsible to ensure that the registration was updated in the record of grades.
  • A student for a master’s degree must be registered for courses in the first semester of his studies.
  • Taking a course with guided reading – a student seeking to study a course with guided reading must provide the school with confirmation from the teacher of the course, the advisor and the coordinator of the department’s committee.