Instructions for Finding an Advisor

There are a number of ways to find an advisor:

  • The link Areas of Research and Graduate Study Researches contains a list of areas of research. In each of them, a list will appear with the members of the staff, areas of research and contact information.
  • Through the “Theses” tab on the site: You may type key words (in English), and a list will appear of these papers with the names of advisors. Potential advisors should be contacted via email.
  • Using the tabs for “Academic Departments,” “Study Programs,” “Syllabuses,” “Advisors,” and “Faculty Sites”: You can view a table with a list of the faculties. Next to each faculty, there are columns containing theses performed at the faculty. Clicking on “Theses” will open up a list of theses (master’s and PhD) that were performed at the faculty. Potential advisors should be contacted via email.
  • A candidate may ask the Graduate Degree Secretary for a list of advisors who are involved in the area of research in which the candidate is interested. The phone numbers of all of the secretaries appear under the tab “Academic Departments, Study Programs, Syllabuses, Advisors, and Faculty Sites.”
  • New research topics for students may be published using this link (Hebrew)