Research ethics

The course (218000) is a required course for all students studying towards graduate degrees who perform research at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The course is delivered online. The learning materials, assignments, discussion groups, and final examination, are conducted from distance, via the course website. The course is based on a pass / fail grade. A passing grade will be given to students who complete the learning assignments according to the guidelines and pass the final examination.

The course website can be accessed through the Technion’s Moodle system.

For questions or request for support, please contact us.

The exam takes place once every month.

Following are exam dates for the 2019/20 Fall and Spring semesters:

Fall semester: 26.9.19, 31.10.19, 28.11.19, 26.12.19, 30.1.20, 27.2.20

Spring semester: 23.7.20, 27.8.20, 24.9.20.

Please note: the final dates are those  posted  on the  Moodle  course site.