Accessibility statement

The Joan and Irwin Jacobs Graduate School staff want everyone who visits our website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding. We realize the website contains important information which should be accessible to all.

The goal of making the website accessible is to enable people with various disabilities, such as: sight, hearing, hand movement range, etc. to be able to use and access our website.

Level of accessibility

The graduate school website has been constructed at an AA level in accordance with Israeli Standard 5568 guidelines for accessible websites.

Accessible websites at the Technion support:

  • Enlarging text using a designated accessibility button.
  • Changing colors and contrast using a designated accessibility button.
  • Reading the information using a screen reading software.
  • Navigating the website without use of a mouse (by using TAB, arrows and ENTER keys).
  • Control buttons to stop animation.
  • Compatible with popular browses such as; Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.

Restrictions and Exceptions

This website contains links and referrals to other websites. Since we are not responsible for these websites we can’t guarantee nor are we responsible for their level of accessibility.

In addition, the Graduate School’s website contains a large number of forms that are not accessible, and refers to Theses abstracts that are not accessible.


Despite efforts to have the website accessible, some items may fall short due to human error or technological problems.

For assistance please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Yael Cohen, Academic Secretary:


Tel: +972(0)48293178

Technion Help Desk:


Tel: +972(0)48295600