Research Proposals for Graduate Students

New Research Proposals for MSc and PhD students and applicants
DateResearch ProposalDepartmentAdviser
20.07.2023Effect of the EEG-based neurofeedback for preventing cancer-therapy-related chronic pain and cognitive impairment in breast cancer survivalsMedicineDr. Yelena Granovsky
23.04.2023Gepstein Lab for Cardiac Therapies and Regenerative MedicineMedicineDr. irit Huner
23.10.2022Develop Concept Underwater StructureMarine EngineeringProf. Nitai Drimer
Prof. Noemi Bitterman
20.03.2022Digital data in academic researchEducation in Science and TechnologyProf. Miri Barak

16.12.2021Metabolism in Health and in DiseaseMedical SciencesProf. Eyal Gottlieb

13.10.2021Call for PhD Students in the Humanities at Technion 2021-2022Humanistic StudiesProf. Ohad Nachtomy

13.10.2021Phd Posotions in Flow and Trasport in Porous Media
Aerospace EngineeringProf. Alexandros Terzis

02.09.2021In vivo Multi Scale ImagingMedicineAssist. Prof. Katrien Vandoorne

20.07.2021Information Processing in Neuronal NetworksBiologyAssistant Prof. Sagi Levy

03.06.2021Neuroethological Lab-Study of the Senses and CognitionMedicineProf. Yoram Gutfreund