Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering offers programs leading to Master and Doctor degrees.

Foreign students
are required to hold quantitative, analytical and verbal GRE scores of at least 700, 600 and 400, respectively.

Research and Study Areas:

  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Nutrition
  • Food technology
  • Food packaging

MSc and ME programs

To be admitted to the MSc program, a minimum average of 80% during the last two years of undergraduate studies is required. The MSc program consists of 17 courses credit points and a thesis of additional 20 credit points (total of 37). In exceptional cases, external students are allowed to write a 12 credit point final paper. Such students are required to complete 28 credit points in courses.

Special Study Program

Candidates for the MSc degree who are graduates of three-year study programs in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, agriculture, etc., will be required to supplement their background by taking certain undergraduate courses prior to their regular graduate courses. The ‘Master of Engineering’ (ME) is a non-thesis program based on courses only. 40 credit points are required in courses and seminar studies.

This program is aimed primarily for external students with a 4-year BSc degree with an average grade of at least 75 who come from the industry and wish to advance their studies in their profession. Graduates having a three years BA or equivalent should take additional 30 credit points.

PhD program

To be admitted to the program, a minimum average of 85% in the MSc studies is required from students of an appropriate background. A thesis based on original research and courses, at least 6 credit points, are required.

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Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering