Faculty of Biology

The Faculty of Biology offers programs leading to Master and Doctor degrees.

Research and Study Areas:

  • Molecular genetics of development and cancer
  • Genetic engineering of plants and animal cells
  • Microbial and phage genetics
  • Physiology and biochemistry of plants
  • Membrane biochemistry, ion transport and signal transduction
  • Physiological adaptation of animals to environmental stress
  • Viruses and chemicals that cause cancer in animals and humans
  • Underlying biochemical mechanisms which are responsible for age-related deterioration of the functions of the body
  • Animal physiological ecology
  • Cell biology of parasites

MSc and PhD programs

The goal of both study programs is to bring the students up-to-date regarding recent advances in biology and to prepare them for conducting independent scientific research.
Students are required to study courses in general subjects as well as in their field of expertise. MSc students are required up to 40 course work credits and PhD students up to 6 such credits. In addition, students participate in a variety of faculty activities, including weekly seminars addressed by guest speakers from other universities, journal clubs and group meetings.

The core of the study program is an empirical research project each student carries out. These projects last up to two years for MSc students and about four years for PhD ones. The results of the research projects are expected to be published in international scientific journals.

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Faculty of Biology